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Re: Let's Make A Book List! by Crapshot ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/26/2003 8:43:23 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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There are lots of books on the subject. Since this is a condition that doctors dont readily agree with thats why we dont know about it. One thing that is a proplem is we all react differently even to the cures so to put it all in a book one would have to have 20 choices or 20 methods to beat your candida. Even so to restrict yourself to one way isnt always the easiest thing to do and without support you find yourself feeling hopeless and slipping up or giving up all together. Best thing to do is get something that gives the signs of die off and continue till you get past it and hope for the best. If you believe after all that you have read that you do ahve a flora imbalance then the only way to beat this is to get the balance back. You can only do this by reintroducing it back into your system. Even if it makes you sick you still have to get past this to get better.
If you stay inactive then you will take longer to get past die off. Keep your system flowing by joining a gym. Sauna's hot tubs, and steam rooms help you sweat the toxins out of your body and i'm sure the chemicals in a pool or spa have a positive effect on killing your fungus if you have it externally. Oxygen from heavy breathing also is benificial in the irradication of candida.


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