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Date:   2/13/2006 11:15:30 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I have suffered from Body Odor for atleast 8 years if not longer. Maybe I have had it my entire life and I didnt realize it until then. I have been using this forum for research/emotional support for a couple of years now, but this is my first post. About a year ago I started to think that the odor got stronger after I have BMs. Around this time I tried a few enemas, and that most definately made the problem worse! I went to a physician a few weeks ago only for her to tell me that she couldnt smell anything. There is hardly a day that goes by that I dont hear comments. There have been probably hundreds of people that more or less have made cracks at me(indirect and direct). The way people describe my odor only drives me more insane. Things i have heard that I smell like: ass,dog shit,beer,fish,feet,urine,smoke,trash. The one that comes out most is fecal. I cant smell it ever, that is the part that bothers me the most. Its not a odor that only people who are close to me can smell, it is real strong.

I am going to a gastroenterologist soon to get checked out. I think the problem might be leakage or maybe being caused by incomplete evacuation after a BM. I also read a story about a woman who was having fecal BO because she had an internal hemorhoid that was accumulating feces even though she was having good bowel movements. Also, I was raped when I was eleven years old. There could be a leakage caused by a broken sphincter(I am a man and I was raped by a man, put the pieces together). The thought that I am reminded that I was raped everyday by comments about how I smell like shit is something that I am still dealing with everyday.

Things I have tried with no success
*Vitamin K
*Eating more vegetable and fruits
*Colon Clense
*Baby Wipes
*Stool Softeners
*Flat-D carcoal deodorizer pads
*Foot Powder

Things I know that you should to

*Many, if not most of us, will not be cured. Instead of wallowing in your own self pity, deal with it. This is your life, it doesnt belong to the people who you have to deal with.

*There is nothing wrong with you. You are a perfectly normal human. I know I am more clean than most of the people I see everday even though they think I am walking around with my pants full of shit. Most of the people here are very well educated and many of us are university students(i am). You didnt do anything to deserve this, god doesnt hate you, and worrying about it is about as effective as solving an algebra problem by chewing bubble gum.

*I read a post earlier by someone who said the only solution was to do "group suicide" to get the attention we deserve. You can't solve problems when you are dead, you are just dead. Also, there is no we. Every single persons case is unique. All of us want to be cured, but the reality of it is that what works for one person probably isnt going to work for the next. Quit jumping on every "cure" that is posted on the board.

*Here is a picture of me. Why you ask? I am tired of seeing names and numbers on these problems instead of people. Put a face on the problem and give it credibility, otherwise it might as well be a machine that needs to be fixed. I challenge the rest of you to post pictures of yourself.


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