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Everybody Needs to Calm Down: Sign-off by #46966 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   7/18/2005 1:13:37 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I've been visiting this forum for a long time, and have tried to get some sincere feedback recently on the BB/Emotional Anxiety connection, because I am convinced that there is no other cause of chronic halitosis other than some type of personality adjustment issue that taxes the nervous system; but I keep hitting a brick wall. I am continually reading posts about neat new drops that have "cured" somebody's bb, or a new tablet that clears your tongue and sinuses, or a "clean" diet that eliminates "toxins" from the bloodstream, etc. Much of the feedback I've received has been negative, that emotions can't cause or cure bb, only intensify it somehow.

I'm signing off on this forum because I don't feel bb (and bo) sufferers who post here are being honest with themselves about the behaviors, feelings, anxieties, stressors, etc. that are putting them into the fight/flight mode that leads to overactive oral/nasal bacteria and dry mouth. People seem to only want an easy fix.

Advice to all bb sufferers: Calm down, any way you can. You are mentally overstimulated, or otherwise stressed. BB is a psychologically-induced physical problem, and the main symptom cannot be treated successfully without psychological intervention. Your entire body is at low-grade fight/flight, all the time. Find out why and do something about it--like change the way you live, or the way you act, or examine when you started feeling/acting this way and try to undo it little by little. Yes, the sinuses, throat, ears, tongue, esophagus, gums, are all involved, but the cause won't be found in these body parts. I think everyone reading this knows what I'm talking about but doesn't want to admit it because they know how hard it's going to be examining their personalities objectively.

Good luck to everyone and keep fighting this. Bye for now.

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