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Re: 30 year old. What is it? by peaceriver ..... ADD/ADHD: Attention Deficit

Date:   11/10/2005 3:20:42 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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i have add. i have to read everything 5 times. i say the words in my head, but they don't register. i can read a "how to" book or a novel, because it has a story, which i keep up with like it is a movie. i managed to get a college degree by reading everything over and over. i started taking adderal a year ago. (had a psychiatrist prescribe it...therapists don't have a degree which allows them to prescribe medicine). (that's what i was told).
my life has changed. i have a bookcase of art books that i was unable to read and retain. i could read the captions of the pictures, but the words became a blur and went out of my head if i read a long page. (weird). after i started taking adderal, i started reading books cover to cover and remembering what i read. i don't have to check my watch 5 times and still not know what time it is. i don't have to make people repeat what they said because i get what they say the first time now. (instead of hearing wah, wah, wah and watching their lips move and being clueless).
this brain fog started when i got a small pox vaccination when i was in grade school.
i became a vegan 2 months ago. (no dairy, no meat). this has helped greatly. i am no longer taking antidepressants and have been able to go without add medicine. (except on the days i have to go to class or go to a meeting.
instead of sugar, i use honey.
all of the toxins in animal products made me zonked out and depressed. i lost 26 pounds in 2 months without starving. (water weight from toxins).
Hulda Clark 's book inspired me to get rid of the toxins by avoiding certain foods.
i am currently trying to find a way to filter flouride from my drinking water. then i will get filter for the shower. any suggestions out there for a flouride filter that fits on a pitcher? or one that i can use just for myself, without hooking it up to the sink in a way that can't be changed back easily. (my husband believes the lie that it helps teeth...he wants flouride in his water).
don't feel bad if you have add symptoms. we are incredibly creative.
it helped me not to feel overwhelmed by "piles" by focusing on a one square foot area of the room and just finishing that one spot. then i do something else for 15 min. then pick another small spot. otherwise, i feel clausterphobic. (except when i have taken adderal. then i enjoy folding clothes and putting them away, etc.)
there is a free website call "flylady" which has tips and testamonials about getting your house organized. it's designed for sidetracked sisters who would rather be doing something fun. they send several emails in all caps which are reminders. you don't have to open those. (over time, they become a good habit). just open the will feel like you are not alone. they even have a grocery list for easy recipes that you can print.
i had my family dr. give me a referal to the psychiatrist so my insurance would pay for it. i picked the psychiatrist by calling several doctor's names in the yellow pages and asking if they took my insurance. most of them were booked up so far that i decided to keep looking. each time i called, i asked if there was another psychiatrist that they had heard favorable things about. (this works because receptionists feel uncomfortable about suggesting another doctor. the dr. i'm going to now is wonderful. his name was suggested by 3 different people from the yellow pages search. i didn't have to wait a long time for my appointment either.
i don't want to take medicine. i think diet is the key to restoring my brain. (the fog is lifting!)
ok. well, i ramble too.
hope this helps.


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