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30 year old. What is it? by #1130 ..... ADD/ADHD: Attention Deficit

Date:   4/8/2005 10:58:16 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I'm a 30 year old female. Like many adults with AADD, I wasn't able to try to put a name to my illness until I did my own research on my sympthoms. My issue is that I need to get a referral to a mental helth provider, but I have had the same physician since I was 3, and he doesn't make referrals easily to mental health providers, and because I am so skilled at hiding it on the surface, he really doesn't see why I need to go. I recently, in the past 3 years, thought I could go back to school, thinking maybe I grew out of it, but it actually made me realize how much it affects my work, and homelife, family, and friends. Here are some of my sympthoms, am I overreacting, or should I be seeing a specialist? If so, what would be the best type to see? Psychaiatrist? Neurologist? What would I say if I went to a new Family Physician for a referral? How do I approach it?

-Can't sleep without waking up several times a night feeling the urgent need to do something.
-I am very antisocial, and have social anxieties. I avoid social interaction, and people view me a stuck-up, or weird (according to friends who used to think that of me and my quirks).
-Anxiety, bouts of depression.
-Frequent thoughts of mortality/death. Driving off a bridge, taking pills, or even just driving my car until I can't drive anymore.
-Doing 20 things at once, but never quite getting anyware, much less finishing anything.
-inturrupting people, even though I'm listening, my brain is elsewhere, and I can't focus.
-Can't remember a damn thing. You tell me a name, and ask me what it is 10 seconds later, and I have no clue.
-Impulsive. As an example, tonight I decided to refloor the playroom in my house (My livingroom is currently wall-less due to my impulsve idea to re-wall the room. God Bless Home Depot, because I will never be able to do it myself).
-I spend like a madwoman on extrememly impulsive things (thus the new hardwood floor in the playroom). I will leave the house in a second to do something I thought of 2 seconds ago. 3 years ago I got rid of all credit cards, and I made a pact with myself that if I can't pay in cash, I can't get it.
- Now that I pay with cash for everything, I remembered why I stopped doing that. I count and count and count my money. I know I have enough in my hand, but I keep on counting until it leaves my hand.
-I snap at my 2 year old when she asks me for something and I am involved in cooking, or house related stuff. She really doesn't deserve it.
-I keep towels in a straight line at the same level, yet the rest of my house is covered with little piles of "stuff". Piles of magazines, piles of clothes, piles of dishes, piles of mail. It's somewhat neat, but I have to pile things up, and I kringe when I have to throw something out.
-I have to be eating at all times. If I am not chewing gum, or snacking on crackers, or something to keep my mouth busy, I get restless. (I'm not fat, surprisingly, but I'm not a twig, either).
-I have many other examples, but that's the surface of it. Yeah, and another thing, I ramble when I type. My poor boss yells that my reports are so long, he can't take all day to read them. They are disjointed, as well, but I can't read them over or over, or I get anxious because I have to read the same thing over again to proof it.

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