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the moldy pavilion by FairweatherFool ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   12/5/2004 5:17:35 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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A little bit of history: I had this dream almost exactly two years ago. Ever since then, I've had serious brain fog. Although I've adjusted to it since then, I still feel stupid/lost/confused when I compare myself to most other people. People in general seem to pick up on my mental handicap and label me a retard just by my looks/mannerisms/speech. I have a case of social anxiety as well, so maybe that factors into this dream somehow.

Also, on the summer before, I had a nervous breakdown when I tried getting into college. I just couldn't handle being in the same room with so many kids (I have an inexplicable/seemingly incurable Body Odor problem... I'm sure you could understand how that would make me uncomfortable around other people.). This wasn't the first nervous breakdown I've had. The same thing drove me away from at least three jobs, and almost caused me to quit during my senior year of high school. Anyway, that's enough of that.

Just in case anyone wants to know:
Birthdate: 06/21/81 12:05 AM

The dream started in a house in which I was a guest. The scene was similar to the bedroom my father's old apartment, where I spent many saturdays of my childhood on the computer. There were alot of kids moving around, causing a big commotion. At that point in the dream, all that I wanted to do at that point was to get away.

Then somehow the dream drifted into a slightly wooded, park-like area, with picnic tables and a few kids and people walking around. My sister Lauren was there. When I approached her, she told me "You have a colloidia, which occurs in the left side of the brain". I got the impression that she was referring to the condition that had been plaguing me since early fall of that year.

I then began to follow Lauren to a pavilion built from old, browned-out, slightly rotted wood. Inside there were alot of sick-looking people. Each of them were taking turns at speaking and seemed only capable of saying one word at a time, having trouble stringing individual words into cohesive sentences. Lauren led me to a row of seats toward the middle of the pavilion, where I sat between someone who looked like that Dr. Green character that used to be on ER on NBC (Strange, seeing as I rarely watched the show.). He was on my left. To my right was a black man who had a twisted, gnarled nose and an olive tone to his skin. He had a strange look about him, aside from those details... like he was black, but not black.

As I was sitting down, the doctor look-alike was saying something in a monotonous tone, speaking one word at a time like all of the others. For some reason, I interupted him just to say hi. He stopped his whole little speech and turned slowly toward me to say hi back. Afterward, he had trouble latching on to his previous train of thought and continueing his speech. Then someone in front said something, and everyone in the row started holding hands. Then the black guy next to me asked who the girl that led me into the pavilion was. I said Lauren. Then the dream ended.

A somewhat interesting note on this dream... This past summer I learned that, at about the same time of year that I had this dream, my sister had one of her own involving a man who was black but not black. He just suddenly appeared in her dream (where she was just walking down the street) and started chasing her. She was completely terrified. Don't get me wrong... I'm not a spiritual person by any means. I just thought I'd see if any spiritualists lurking here would have anything to say about it. Not to exclude others... I definitely welcome all opinions on this dream.

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