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What a load of garbage! Re: Dry/Ice: Global Warming Revealed by Drunvalo Melchizedek by webb ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   3/20/2005 3:22:24 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Lets get the facts right!

1/ If the North Pole did completly melt as you mention in you little story, we would of all experienced the chages. Going by your theries many countries in the world would of been under water. This is something we all know did not happen!

2/ You write of large sections of ice braking away resulting in the worlds ocean rising by one inch. If this did happen, the opposite would of happened the worlds ocean would drop, not rise

Try this for your selves to check what really happens when ice melts on water.
add four ice cubes into a glass half full of water. When the ice melts watch the water level in the glass drop.

3/ You also talk about the holes in the ozone getting worse because of co2 generated by man. I would dispute this theory because vacanoes have and will continue to throw out many, many more tons of co2 than man can produce.

The thing is this, the holes in the ozone are happenning in the North and South Poles,which by the way get biger and smaller naturally. Ozone is a byproduct of light hitting oxygen which creates o2 (ozone)which protects us from dangerous radiation from the sun. The weakest amount of light hiting the earth is in the poles, the strongest in the equator so it makes sense that the holes in the ozone layer is in the poles.

If co2 and hydrocarbons do cause holes in the ozone layer, why arent the holes over industrial nations of the world. I believe that people are throwing red herrings into the air to divert us from real problems the World needs to take seriously.


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