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Re: Small Intestines by rod ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   1/10/2005 11:53:06 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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let me explain you something. Leaky gut is being considered like an epidemic nowdays due to antibiotics on meat, preservatives, herbcides, pesticides, etc that weak our intestinal flora, once it is weak it allows candida and another pathogens and bacteria to proliferate in our small intestine creating a leaky gut. with the leaky gut our small intestine lets big molecules to get into the blood system as a result of it our adrenal glands will start to wear out and also our detox organs like lymph system, liver and kidney. In order to heal your small instestine which in chinese medice is related with fire(heart, small instetine), you have to control candida, that basically is done with diet, and support your liver as Wood(liver) originates fire(heart,small intestine). So avoid, dairy(cow products all), wheat(even soy sauce, pastry, bread, pasta), sugar, chocolate, cocoa, and gluten grains(barley, oats etc), then you have to support your spleen(chinese medice) as it builds up small intestine, heart(bitter). Also assit your body with detox like liver flush etc. But the most important thing is to avoid allergic food as it irritates the small instestine and prevent it from heal. Lot of things to find out not an easy task. Get a good chinese doctor and start working with him, it is the best way to get the balance back on you.


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