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Listen to your Elders by lorelei ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   12/17/2004 11:15:45 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I want to testify to your readers that when you say "don't flush your liver when you have an acute illness - even if it's just a cold" you mean it.

I bulldozed my way through a liver flush even though I had a bad night cough. Today, six days after the experience, my chest cough is worse than ever. The liver flush was, I felt, not successful. I flushed a minimal amount of stones but felt very backed up and toxic. Thank the Lord for a knowledgeable colonic therapist. When I went for my colonic two days after the flush she helped me to flush out the toxins and waste that were stopped up from the flush. Now I am left with a bronchial condition that is wearing me down and not getting any better.

I knew that I was pushing the envelope when I decided to perform the flush anyway. Sometimes my need to have my own way, my impatience, the inner demands I put on myself - I forgo the advice of trusted mentors and do my own thing anyway. At 52 years of age, I think I'd like to stop this childish behaviour. I'm not beating up on myself, I'm just facing the truth and expressing myself honestly. It's time to listen to the signals of my body rather than the demands of my ego and begin to take good care of myself.

You are teaching me how to do that Andreas. You are also teaching me the importance of slowing down and listening to my body. It is a hard lesson for me - there is a part of me that doesn't want to do it. But the part of me that DOES want to slow down and take care of myself is winning out. It's slow, but as they say in recovery programs, progress, not perfection.

Thanks, Andreas, I'm having a fascinating journey with your direction. I'm reading the book "Key to Health and Rejuvenation" and trying, slowly, to put some of the principles into practice. Like going to bed at 10 and waking up at 5 or 6 - boy is that hard for me (a vata type who thrives on irregularity). I'm getting well, and I'm loving it.

Now . .. what can I do about this horrible chest cough?


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