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My husband is finally doing it!!!! by teenabee ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   3/21/2003 4:20:26 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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I am proud to announce that after many, many sleepless nights and chronic back and neck pain, my husband has agreed to do a liver flush. I simply told him it was time to do it and he nodded. I'll be doing a flush alongside him too so I'll be posting next week on our results. I have had him taking a tsp (more or less) every night to get some sleep so he at least knows some of what he's in for.

In preparation for my flush I did an enema last night and then (for what ever reason) I ate about 4 large cloves of garlic. I sliced them and swallowed with a glass of water. Shortly afterwards I began to get the fumes of garlic coming up so I quickly buttered a slice of bread and ate that which quelled any garlic backlash for the evening. This morning I drank my usual quart of water first thing. Everything went as usual until my last visit to the potty before leaving for work. I didn't feel any sense of urgency, just felt like I could pee. Well, I peed, but then suddenly pooped. It was totally effortless. Upon inspection, it was a fairly large poop about the size and shape of a lemon or lime. I got The Stick and poked around hoping to see something cool, like parasites, but I found nothing (oh shucks). The stool was rather soft and fell apart very easily I just didn't see anything of interest. So why am I even bothering with this post? Well, for the last couple of weeks my allergies have kicked up and I have been feeling like I can hardly suck any air into my lungs. Once I had the bm, my sinuses started running and my lungs opened up!!!wahoo! I thought it would be a short lived breath of fresh air, but it's been the same all day. My sinuses are not completely cleared but I can certainly get a lungful of air today!
Has anyone had a bowel movement/sinus connection like this?

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