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a bit of history into why I though I was passing my colon, but I can't be sure. does anyone know what that would look like? by mary ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   3/10/2003 1:35:32 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I did not understand your post in its intirety, but I will respond the best I can.

1. I am not doing anything such as cleanses at the moment.

2. This happened to me once before, right after the shultze cleanse that I did in June 2001. I had lots of trouble with this cleanse. I could not find a correct dose for formula #1 (pills). I would have not a soft movement, or if I upped the dose I got diarrhea. This experimenting went on about 2 weeks. This was my first time so I did not know what to expect. The instuctions said to take enough pills to get 3 bm's a day. It never happened, just more diarrhea in the morning. I tryed spacing the pills throughout the day and that made no change. Looking back I was an idiot and had no clue what I was doing. I settled for 1 large peanut butter consistancy bm in the morning and figued I just was a morning eliminator. I am a thin person (115 and 5' 4" at the time). I then continued on to the liquid stuff. It was working out fine, the first week or two, and I had more energy, but I lost 10 pounds that I really did not need to loose, then I started getting to tired and cut the 4-5 drinks a day to 2-3 drinks a day. Then, I alternated days in weeks 4-5, but then was told I should quit by my massage therapist, because I was getting too thin and not looking good. I felt bad.

The instructions said to do it for 1 week , but it you really wanted to feel better you should do it until the black thick stuff comes out. That never happened, but towards the end I started passing what I thought to be paracites and mucus and that sort of thing. I thought great and so I continued depite my terrible fatigue. Dumb really! Then in a weird turn of events, I called a farmer to purchase some grass fed meat and somehow the topic of conversation turned to colon cleansing. She said she had a friend who died from doing colon cleasning for too long (6 months). She also said that she herslef had had a terrible colon infection (not from cleasning, just caught it somehow) and she was passing long stings of clear stuff that turns out to be her colon. She could barely eat. She ate what ever she could tolerate. I only remember the instant potatoes. She said that she knows this is not a good food to eat but was about the only thing she could tolerate. After I told her that I was passing things similar to hers, she told me that I should quit the cleanses and be very careful what I eat so I would not iritate my colon any further. She said this is serious and very dangerous and if I was not careful, I could die. Scared me, really. So, I heeded her advice and stopped cleansing and ate mostly soups and no raw food. I was happy when I stopped passing long strings of stuff. I lost no more weight but did not gain it back either. I felt ok I guess.

Then I did a kidney cleanse in nov 2001, 'cause I was told by Julia Chang of that if the urine stream is crooked, fanned or more that one stream, that I had kidney stones. I purchased some of her kidney stone herbs and after 1 week I had to quit cause I developed a kidney infection. Later it turned out that I was allergic to the corn silk in the tea. I did not really think about it but, I am allergic to corn. I lost 10 more pounds due to the infection. Now, down to 92 pouns, and not a ounce of fat on my body, I was convinced I was dying. It hurt to take a bath cause I did not have a behind. I had to place a folded up towel in the tub to sit on so it did not hurt so bad. Your bones hurt when you are that thin.

Eating became a chore, as I became allergic to almost everything. Through using a food diary and recording my symtoms, I discovered that I was allergic to everything but beef and green beans and Sea Salt . I sometimes had trouble with the green beans but if I did not eat them, I got constipated. Anyway, I spent 2002 trying to gain weight and find foods I could tolerate. I used the book "Healing with Whole Foods" to help me. It describes which food to use for different conditions. I was looking for foods that would warm my freezing body, make me gain weight, not aggravate my candida, which went out of control because of the cleanses, and that I could digest. Experimenting worked but, this book was always right on the money about which foods I could eat. By the end of 2002, I weighed 112 and I was eating beef, lamb, rarely chicken, Sea Salt , greens beans, brocolli, parsnips, rutabega, beets, rarely peas, winter squash and barley water and I was no longer in constant pain and bm's back to normal, but now I have multiple chemical sensitivities. I am not sure it it was caused by the cleanses or not. I have come a long way and I felt so much better.

3. Then, I read a thing about how MCS is caused by autointoxication from a dirty bowel. I knew I could not do the Colon Cleanse thing. The book said how her mcs weant away with colonics. So, I tried it but causiously this time. I had 5 colonis and after each time I was more constipated than the time before. By the 5th one I could not have a bm on my own and had consisdered buying an enema bag, but could not find one. The drug stores did not even know what an enema bag was! Anyway, good thing I did not find one. I thought, if the colonics is causing severe constipation, the emema bag will too. My last colonic was about 1 month ago and I no longer passing rocks. I still have a ways to go before my bms are easy. after colonic #4 and 5, I stated to pass lots of yeast, then I started to pass stringy stuff, then the stringy stuff came out bloody. Fortunately,
it was not as bad as before. But I was again tired and cold and did not feel much like eating or even getting out of bed. I started to get a litle depressed and fat stated to just come back up again via reflux. Here we go again, I thought. I am my own worst enemy.
My hypoglycemia is worse now. I get cold after only 1 hour of eating, but I wait at lease 1 more hour before eating again, cuase my digestion is so slow the food is still in my tummy from the last time I ate.

I know I will not live to my eighties. I am 41 now and with my poor state of health, figure on about 10-15 more years. Not good years, but years of struggling to keep weight on and to stay fairly warm. I wear a winter hat all day and night to keep my body heat in. I have a few toes that are like ice at night. I hope I do not loose them to gangrene. A few fingers are icy as well. Exercise helps some, but I only do mild exercise to avoid loosing weight.

4. I dropped the brocolli as it is supposed to be a thyroid inhibitor. I am tired without help from the brocolli. I am tying to retire ealier as well. I know my liver needs to be cleaned out, but I need to get my weight up first as I loose weight anytime I try a cleanse.

5. between the extremly cold weather and the colonics, I am a bit dehydrated now. but getting some better.


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