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Re: Tom H, This is for you..... by anonymouse ..... Dr. Schulze Forum # 1 [Archive]

Date:   6/28/2002 11:22:00 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Hey Tom, Well I've been trying to view your site constantly, but
Ive only been able to view it once, early in the morning about 3
days ago, I guess. But I think I need to do some computer work, then
I will give it a try again. Its this darn sucker we call a computer, tends
to give me headaches all the time, (to bad Dr.Schulze doesn't have a
psycology section, for women excessively frustrated by their
Oh well, I'll get there. But again thank you so much, ah I do have another question for you in your experience. Do you have a good diet routine for diabetes? I read the newsletter by Dr.Schulze that was being interviewed with Sam Biser on this site(while they had it here to be viewed) but I d really like some basic ground work before the person gets to the 'gangrene stage'.I've been trying to get some good information for alternative care on diabetes. I tell you I have seen so many people with diabetes control their disease the 'conventional'way, always watching their Sugar and fat content, and their eyes have this really funny look. They get very glassy and the whites in their eyes go red, almost an opaque look about it. Then I have seen some diabetics who eat quite a bit of fat in their diet, but they stick to homemade foods, for example they will have oatmeal with a Tablespoon of honey and cream, lunch will be homemade bread with mayonaise and eggs or fish, with salad and dinner is a typical southern type of dinner with all the trimming, Dessert often being the main focus, puddings, cakes, pies and cookies. I know the desserts are made well, with olive oils, raw sugars, organic flours but often containing chocolate and lots of dairy products....hmmm. Even though I believe the amount of fat intake should be controled, I'm a bit puzzeled about the kind o of guidelines to follow?.......Have any suggestion?...Thanks Tom

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