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more herb questions by Elaina ..... Dr. Schulze Forum # 1 [Archive]

Date:   6/28/2002 5:33:20 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Actually while I'm still thinking about it, I was wondering what you thought of Olive leaf extract?
I've been reading all kinds of information on it. Some people believe it to be extremly powerful
but others are still holding the notion that it binds with our proteins and the nutrient leave
with the urine. Then Ive heard other stories about it being so powerful that you have to have
Dr.Schulze's cleanse first and take an ounce of echinacea tincture a day to boost the immune
system enough to handle the die-off affect from the parasite and virus microbes. I'm still
pondering over all the different information, but I was wondering what you thought? Then there's
the different forms of olive leaf extract. I saw one site advertising the capsules of dried olive leaf,
I'm a bit sceptical about herbs in capsules, but that has always been me. Then theres the olive
leaf in vodka and apple cider vinegar which does sound alot more effective, but still there's the
idea it may not work at all if it binds with our proteins??? I started my first bottle of Echinacea
5 days ago, I just put it through the blender a couple of hours ago and I was wondering if the echinacea
always absorbed so much vodka? I filled the vodka about an 1/4 inch above the herbs when I first started the
tincture by, today the herbs were just a lump of damp prickly things in a messy glass jar. I bought
some more vodka today to top it up in the blender (the alcohol content was not as strong as 80
proof, btw. dont know if that would harm the tincture?) Anyway I was wondering if you could use
half organic apple cider vinegar and half vodka to make very good Echinacea tincture?
I was wondering if there were ways to cut back a bit on all the alcohol?. one wouldnt believe
how fast you get over your cold by putting a teaspoon of some dried sachet flower lookin
plants and alcohol in a glass of orange juice. and sluggin it down the pipers. lol. Ah and now while I'm on apple cider
vinegar, I just remembered a question I had about white wine vinegar. You know the old "four thieves" recipe
to spray all over the body, I was wondering if apple cider vinegar would have done approximately the same job?
What do you think? I hear you have to take a course in bridging chemistry to become a master herbalist
and since I never even took chemistry , I'm a bit dense when it comes to the difference in chemical compounds:((.
So anyho thanks again Tom and All for your help

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