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How to remove black stains from teeth? by electravan ..... Dental Problems Support Forum

Date:   6/30/2006 6:10:50 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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About a year ago, my two year old daughter developed black stains on her upper front teeth, and some on her molars too. I took her to a "biologic" dentist and he said the stains are caused by Actinomyces sp. bacterium. Before I took her to see him, I was really panicking, thinking her teeth were rotting out or something. He told me this bacteria does not cause decay amd not to worry.

Well, the black spots are still there, but now the black is spreading on one tooth and the tooth appears to be wearing down a little. Almost like it's crumbling or breaking off a little. The biologic dentist does not officially treat children as young as my daughter, he just gave me an evaluation last year when I took my older son in. This is why I haven't brought her back to see him.

I'm very way of taking her to see a traditional dentist, but at this point I think my options are limited. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this bacteria? She is very resistant to having anything put into her mouth, and I have to clean her teeth with a washcloth indtead of a toothbrush. I am really concerned now because I don't want a conventional dentist to perform any unecessary treatments on her but I don't want to just stand by and watch her teeth being destroyed.

We eat a primarily raw food diet and I think this problem may have been cause by the overconsumption of oranges. We still eat a lot of fruit, but I try to have her drink water immediately after to rinse off the fruit sugar. Since she is so young, it's hard for me to get any calories into her, so my main coice for her is fruit. I am still breastfeeding her so I hope that's not causing any problems.


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