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Lesson 1b: by Russell Mariani ..... Ask Russell Mariani

Date:   3/21/2004 10:35:24 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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The human body is a marvelously designed living organism with the ability to grow, regulate, repair and defend itself, when given natural, high quality, full-spectrum nutrition.

"Nutrition is synonymous with existence." Dr. Alexis Carrel

The question we need to be asking ourselves all the time is this:
What nourishes me best?

The answer to this vital question: (What nourishes me best?)
has something to do with how and why we select, prepare, bless, celebrate, digest, absorb, assimilate, and eliminate our daily food. (and beverages) Mostly thought it has to do with whether or not we truly understand the underlying biological principles which both inform and motivate our daily dietary and lifestyle decisions.

The Course in Functional Nutrition, that I have written and designed, has been slowly taking shape over the past thirty years and is the result of thousands of direct personal interactions with people seeking to improve their health through better dietary and lifestyle decisions. This course is designed to listen to and honor each person's unique biochemical and psychological individuality at the same time it assists us in restoring the gaps in our collective educational foundations.

Weakened foundations show up in an endless variety of dis-ease symptoms of the body-mind-spiirit-soul that prevent us from reaching our full human potential.

Understanding which of our dietary and lifestyle habits are complementary or insulting to our life purpose as creative and expressive human beings is the key to our health and success in life.

Through a series of comprehensive dietary and lifestyle evaluations, in a context of mentoring and partnership, we will discover the habits of the hearth that nourish you best.

Your radiant health, restored confidence, and renewed energy and enthusiasm for life are the natural results of this ongoing experience...


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