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Re: Acid Alkaline pH Balancing by PTtogether ..... Alkaline/Acid Debate Forum

Date:   3/11/2006 2:40:26 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi Moreless,

Hi, Moreless

Again another very informative post!!! Thank you!!!


Could you explain us, please, a bit more in which way (chemically) the alkaline minerals help to retain more oxygen?


“The more Alkaline Minerals the food contains, means the greater amount of Oxygen the food contains!”


Also the meaning of this one:


“Carbonic Acid overpowers the Oxygen in the body , if there is not enough Oxygen!!”


I will explain some details of this sentence myself:


“The body may receive more Oxygen when a person does exercise to cause one to breath more deeply!!”


Yes, it is a question of the ratio exercise/breathing. The muscles produce CO2 during exercise, CO2 in the blood helps to liberate Oxygen to the tissues an organs (Bohr Law) since haemoglobin becomes less “sticky” as CO2 levels increase in the blood.


Generally a good rule of thumb to assure a good ratio exercise/breathing is to exercise only till the point we can still keep breathing through the nose.


The percentage of CO2 in the blood (and in the alveoli of the lungs) is aprox. 6,5% in a healthy person. A sick person can have a CO2 percentage as low as 3,5%.

CO2 has a bad reputation but its immensely helpful in the right amounts.


So, if the exercise is not properly done (that means: through hyperventilation we loose more CO2 than the muscles produce) we’ll be in a worst situation than before the exercise. CO2 is mild acidic so in case the CO2 rises too quickly, the controller in the stem of the brain (buffer system) orders the body to hyperventilate  in order to maintain pH in the blood (so getting rid of the mild acidic CO2).


CO2 in the blood also increases during the metabolization of protein, that’s why its not a good idea to eat much protein, specially at night.





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