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Re: 6 weeks on Macrobiotics and not getting results by Autumn ..... Macrobiotics Support Forum

Date:   8/5/2005 1:20:09 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hello kingston!

First of all, congratulations for sticking to this diet for 6 weeks!

Also, I used to diet over and over for many years, and my understanding was that 1 pound per week was significant progress, and that even then people would reach frequent plateaus when the body would stay at one weight for weeks or even months.
Safe permanent weight loss is slow weight loss, and keeping a slow pace is very wise.

Two things jump out at me from your posts. One is choosing macrobiotics for the purpose of weight loss. The other is choosing it for fairly rapid weight loss, or setting up a kind of speed goal about how much weight a person loses how fast, and having this progress chart in your mind and then measuring yourself against that in comparison with other people.

So I wonder where this expectation came from? It sounds pretty ambitious.
Weight loss requires enough water, and requires good nutrition and the right kind of exercise and relaxation and a conducive peace of mind around food and mealtimes and kitchen space and even social relationships.

Also I am noticing that your counselor too seems to have a weight loss goal in his head and is saying that if you don't live up, then the issue is your compliance. I've met some excellent macro counselors (and plenty of inept ones!), and the good ones will really look at your overall factors, including spirit.

Also any decent macro book or counselor will mention that MB is about eating for your LIFE DREAM. MB wasn't devised to help people get skinny, since many diets can do that.
It would be great if the diet helped you get more and more clarity and peace around wonderful YOU and your talents and your walk upon this earth. Rebuilding your bloodstream and lightening old toxins, quality of life, relationships, attunement with spirit, this is what MB is about. Has your counselor been supportive about you and your deepest most cherished dreams?

Wishing you wonderful health and happiness,



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