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How I had my fillings removed by SebastianReed ..... Cavitations Surgery Forum

Date:   1/24/2004 3:51:39 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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After 18 years of life with fillings, in August 2003 I had them all removed. I was 30 years of age. I had an anaesthetic for the first one, then 2 weeks later the others were all removed without the need for an anaesthetic. There were 4 altogether, all in the lower molars.

The dentist who did the job was surprised when I told him what I wanted. He asked me if I had Amalgam fillings and I said "No, I've got composites but I still feel that I'd be better off with no fillings at all". The dentist made me sign a disclaimer stating that if my teeth had further problems that he wasn't going to be held liable.

I signed the form and told him that if it didn't work out the way I thought it would, I'd simply come back and ask him to replace the fillings. Nevertheless, about a week after the first one was out I knew that the process wasn't going to be as difficult as I'd expected.

I was well prepared. I'd spent about 2 years thinking about having my fillings out. After 1 year of thinking about having them out, I decided to have them changed from Amalgam to composite rather than have them out, because it seemed prudent to at least try out the composites for a year or so.

After a year of living with composite fillings I was still feeling that I could live better without them so that's when I went to the dentist. I'd tried to make my body reject the fillings through meditation but it became clear that having them drilled out would be easier.

I ate at least 50% of my food uncooked during those 2 years. I also read about the human body during that time, particularly about the organs and glands of digestion. I'd also read reports on the internet of people healing their teeth naturally. I ate plenty of green herbs and vegetables, carrots, radishes, peanuts, cashew nuts, other nuts, bananas, paw paws, and other fruits and vegetables.

I reduced my intake of bread to almost nothing and replaced that part of my diet with whole grain food such as sprouts, puffed grain, and whole grain stews. I also took herbal teas to cleanse my digestive organs, my blood and my body in general. I also reduced my intake of animal foods: meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

For each of the fillings which came out, I followed a strict program of exercise to make the cavity seal. I made a chewing gum out of beeswax and hemp string and I chewed it with the sensitive part of the tooth for 5 minutes a day, every day for 2 weeks. Immediately after the chewing session I filled the cavity with a sterilised healing clay and left it there for the rest of that day and through the night.

The next day I'd throw out the clay, chew a new piece of gum, and put a new piece of clay in the hole. After 2 weeks the pain subsided and I was able to eat with the sensitive teeth. In the meantime I used my other teeth and ate foods that were easy to digest and to ingest. I also took immune system strengthening herbal teas and antibacterial herbal teas during those first few weeks.

After a while I began to eat a more balanced diet again and to try eating cooked foods. I found that everything went down ok. During the whole time I didn't take any painkillers, although the hemp string in the chewing gum proved to be a mild analgesic. I boiled and dried the string before I used it, and when I boiled it, I put oregano in the water to as a natural antiseptic. I also boiled the clay before using it and I added stevia powder to it before putting in my teeth.

I've only used herbal toothpaste or tooth powder for the last 2 years and I think that it's been very good for my teeth. I don't brush them too often or too harshly and I use a homemade mouthwash sometimes too.

Other material about natural methods for looking after teeth can be seen on my website at

Best wishes,

Sebastian Reed

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