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I have used ear candles by dogstarr1000 ..... Hearing Loss/Ear Problems Support

Date:   4/19/2004 1:27:29 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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My experience is not extensive. I have been using them faithfully for about 3 weeks (late March 04) and impressed with gunk coming out but nothing like the implants for me so far but I have only been through abut 16 in the last 3 weeks and this is my first exposure to implants, I am keeping an open mind as there is so much going on. (Funny I just starting reading some of the lost works of the Bible and the Forbidden Book of Enoch which explains how men and angels fell and the heirarchy involved. I probably would have not been as open to accepting this without that book, as it talks about the stategies of keeping man down and not learning of the higher planes. I put nothing past them.

I did some conning years ago then just forgot about them until I saw them at the local health food store and seem to be having some ear problems since starting some of the Beck protocol. (Drinking ozone water and silver and pulsing mostly, some blood electrification but not much yet). I also wear a terminator zapper about 4-6 days a week.
But am getting out more than I thought was possible to hold in the ear canal, mostly wax, first light and now as we go deeper darker wax.

I have just figured out that it is going to take awhile and a lot of candles to clean out this part of my body. I am also using the foot detox pads every other day and they are helping greatly.


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