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Respiratory distress reaction after Hepatitis B vaccine by Kimberly ..... Hepatitis B Vacc. Adverse Reactions

Date:   12/29/2003 12:18:15 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Received Hepatitis B

Age: under a month old

Daniel was very distressed upon receiving the vaccine. I did not know that anything bad at all could happen to him following this vaccine. We immediately drove home, and Daniel was upset and crying the way home. He had not acted this way before, and I was told by the pediatrician that Daniel could be cranky and fussy. Well, you never know what that means in doctor's terms. Daniel was distraught not fussy, so I put him in his bassinet, since there was no consoling him and his crying was making me crazy. I picked up the phone to call the pediatrician, and while I am holding on for the doctor I am counting my son's labored breaths on the baby monitor and I stop counting at 120 times per minute. This means Daniel is hyperventalating-- he is breathing 4 times as often as he should be. Keep in mind this is a newborn, who was healthy when I took him to the doctor's office. I am upset, when the ped gets on the line I tell him about it and he tells us to-- go to the pediatric intensive care unit half an hour away from our home. We are not instructed to go to his office.

He will not be able to help my son, yet he gave the vaccine and collected funds for doing so. Daniel was placed on 100% oxygen, and everything from EKG's to blood work was done (they take the blood out of the veins in the newborn's head)while my son is struggling to breathe 120+ times per minute for 8 hours until his immune system got the emergency under control. I am thinking what has happened here? Why am I putting my newborn baby through this? The doctor who gave the drug is by now home asleep in his bed, while I am watching my son fight for his life.

He came in the following morning and said the respiratory distress reaction could not have been a result of the Hepatitis B vaccine, and my son have RSV or something. I later found when I got the hospital bill that the ped. ordered drug testing for 20 different narcotics to be done on him for things like cocaine, etc. I have never taken so much as a diet pill in my entire life, and I still furious that this doctor would have the nerve to accuse me of being a drug addict than to take responsibility for his administering of the Hepatitis B vaccine that day.

In fact I ordered the hospital report and the Hep B is not mentioned anywhere although I told every single nurse, doctor and the admission people that Daniel have the shot a few hours earlier. The doctor even took it out of his records. I have no record that this vaccine was given. Due to this experience, the doctors I have trusted my entire life have lost my respect. I was outraged when the ped did not take responsibility. A few days after the vaccine reaction, I got a letter in the mail from his practice, he was disassociating himself with me. When the hospital bill came, I saw the drug testing charges. I hung up the phone and called his office to confront him with this yet another outrage. They could not find anything in my file about these tests being ordered, although the hospital said he ordered them. I relayed this information back to the hospital and my sizable bill (for which I had sole responsibility was magically paid in full with a $200 credit that I was due).

I told them to keep their credit-- in not so nice a way. Since then I changed doctors and the new ped said some children should never be immunized. Our family doctor also never mentions immunizations. I do not want Daniel in any preschool or public school program badly enough to immunize him. Daniel has not contracted any disease worse than a cold or the flu in his 32 months. He nurses and is one of the healthiest children on file at our family doctor's office. I have talked to moms who vaccinate and their babies come up with ear infections a week after the shot.



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