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Re: Some Advice... Please!! by wintergreen ..... Amalgam Replacement Support Forum

Date:   1/19/2006 11:47:53 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi Anne,

That's great that you can take DMSA now. I had felt bad for your situation and your earlier comments that DMPS was unavailable in the UK.

I am currently doing 16.7 mg of both ALA and DMSA. I'm hoping to switch up to 30 mg of ALA and 25 mg of DMSA in the next couple of months, which will obviate the need for my cutting pills, and get rid of any subtle effects from less than perfect divisions.

I don't know about your situation, but I have come to the conclusion that lack of proper adrenal support is the missing cornerstone in all the health work I've been doing over the past 18 months. The chelation might be the most important long-term thing, but getting the adrenals together seems like the right move for my current situation. So I'm going to try Isocort, and then add in some Nature-Throid (or whatever that Armour substitute is). I have some pretty odd symptoms, like a hyper-sensitivity to iodine, and I'm wondering if my body is keeping down my thyroid to go easy on my adrenals.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be posting less on Curezone, as I'm going more into a learning phase than a helping one, and this site really doesn't have anything like the NaturalThyroidHormone group on Yahoo. I wish it did, as I hate the Yahoo Groups setup. And I really am not facing any problems with the Cutler protocol itself. I have been on ALA for a little over 6 months, and on DMSA for nearly 9 months. It has all gone mostly like clockwork. I'd have a hard time going into depth on benefits, but I never feel as healthy this time of year, so that would mask any improvement. Strange, but the most solid thing I notice that confirms this is doing something is the fact that I have to go slow on increasing ALA. I'm taking miniscule amounts spread out over time, while there are people out there popping 300 mg pills of this stuff on a daily basis. I feel better mentally, but that could be due to some other factors, since life in general is going pretty well. Overally, I do feel it is working, but it is tortuously slow. Which I guess is what I expected.

Regarding the flushes: I did one, felt positive, then got sick about a week later. Maybe had nothing to do with it, but the thing is that I never really get sick anymore, as I know how to take action by this point so as to almost always prevent colds. I don't think I'll do anymore.

Great to hear from you, and please keep us posted. :-)

All the best,


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