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Date:   6/2/2006 12:11:40 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I posted this on the GYNECOLOGIAL forum, but I wanted to post it here to in case anyone else has any info....ok, as I stated on the other forum, I have recently become involved with a man that lives in another city, so we don't see each other very often, every few months for a few days. Once he leaves, I've always noticed a sort of burning,itching sensation down there, but it goes away quickly. NOT THIS TIME! Now, what scares me is that he worked for two years, in a factory where he breathed in depleted uranium! That was 27 yrs. ago, but I know it sits in your bones, and bone marrow and your BODY FLUIDS! (like semen). He himself has NEVER had any symptoms of any uranium poisoning, and neither had his wife. Only his kids, (which makes sense since it's in the semen) because they were both born with chests that were caved in, and needed surgery at 2 mos. old to fix this! This is like the guys who came back from the Gulf War, and how they infected their wives with the uranium, and then their kids. I do believe that once the semen is in the vagina,
(he's had a vasectomy, so we don't use any condoms either) the uranium is in there too! I've read it only takes a "microbe" to settle in there, and begin to change the cells. I've read so much about the wives of Gulf War soldiers, and how they'd hve that itching burning sensation down there, and then it gets worse! So many of those women, became really sick, if not cancerous! So, now, I'm panicking! I know there could be a million reasons for the itching and all,,,,but when I take into acct. that he was exposed to that uranium 27 yrs. ago, for two years..I don't know what to think! He has recently (over the last yr.) developed a sore throat, and his lymph nodes ache, which are one of the symptoms of uranium poisoning! Yes, this has only developeed in the last year, and he feels it's because he was exposed to large amt.s of asbestos about a year and a half ago at his job. He says it's gotten better, very slowly. But, his dr. told him the uranium has NO effect on all this, which I don't believe, and she just dismisses it. She also told him taht his sore throat was due to the asbestos, and his acid reflux problem (he says he doesn't have that), but I can't help but wonder if that sore throat isn't due to the uranium maybe resurfacing????????, maybe it's starting to "move around" and kick in, or leech into the body some more, and in that could very well be in his semen, and all you need is a microbe! If anyone knows anything about that, please please let me know!!!!!!!!! thank you so very much!

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