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Re: Overian Cancer help by golfegg ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   10/1/2004 7:20:54 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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That's great you're doing the parasite cleanse. Every time she tries to do the parasite cleanse she feels really bad, probably because it's killing the parasites, I think. She's had them since she was a kid, we think. My wife is doing colonics every now and then now. What comes out is unreal, but the colonics seem to be a lot better than the ememas.
One thing that would help your digestive trat is Primal Defense. This will put back the good bacteria in your intestines & will make you regular again. Start out with 3-4 a day and increase it until it becomes too watery, then back off a few and stay there. The Garden of Life products are the best supplements anywhere.
It does sound like you do have IBS. Do you get bloated also? No this won't make anything grow in your stomach. No my wife didn't have anything growing in her stomach that I know of, although she complained a lot about her stomach/intestines. She had tumor/tumors growing in her liver which might have been the source of the "stomach" pain. The last time she had her liver checked, they said she had a fatty liver, which I believe is probably stones. She's afraid of doing the liver cleanse because of what Epsom Salt does to her, even though I've done a few to prove it's ok. You can see she has a lot of problems, and it's like having my hands tied trying to find something she can do without having bad reactions. Ozone was the one thing.
I don't know if you know liver flukes can grow to 8 inches long, and thery're big around. The parasite cleanse should be getting this, but this might be what you're feeling grow in your stomach, although this should be right below your rib cage. My wife had a inch long fluke come out last time she did a colonic. The colonics really do work better than ememas.
Also if you do get the ozonator I think you should join Dr. Pressman's group and get answers from him. He is the most qualified to help you in this area. It's at
If you don't want to try the apricot seeds, maybe you should do the Dr. Budwig flax seed cottage cheese.(like someone else said) This stuff has really help a many people. I used to belong to that group for quit a while. My wife can't do that one either, because she's alergic to sulfas. Cliff Beckwith is a wonderful Christian and one of the heads of that group, and living proof that it works.
My mom died with overian cancer before I learned about alternative treatments so I would REALLY love to help you as much as possible for you & in her memory. So if you EVER need anything, let me know!
Take Care,

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