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Re: Hallelujah Acres will fix you right up! by kathryn 101 ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   9/29/2004 7:11:06 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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#30451...There have been several good alternative programs
suggested in response to your first post. I put the long
response under your post on the Ask Curezone Forum about
Hallelujah Acres and the Hallelujah Diet. I even suggested
that you try to go to Hallelujah Acres even if it is just
to attend their free weekend seminar so you could ask questions,
hear testimonials and meet people who have actually turned
their terminal cancers around using the Hallelujah Diet and
Some of the other suggestions given are really good alternatives...however, you have been battling your cancer
for quite some're exhausted, frustrated, I could
sense your fear in your're beginning to feel you're
losing the battle...AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LOSE IT. You just
need someone to take you by the hand and lead you through
a program that will work. You've had the active cancer in
your body too long to try a "little bit of this" and a "little
bit of that" need to plan your war...get backup and
go to battle and you need to do it NOW.
Lorraine Day...whose plan was WONDERFUL. I have
all of her videos and loan them out all the time. She does
have a good program...and DID turn her own terminal cancer
around. But Lorraine Days program is not as good as Hallelujah
Acres...and Lorraine Day will not take you by the hand and
walk you through it...Hallelujah Acres WILL...and they do TONS
of things they do not charge for. George Malkmus is a
Baptist minister...who quit preaching to help people get on
and stay on the program that he used to cure himself of
terminal colon cancer.
The Essiac Tea that was mentioned is WONDERFUL...I have personally seen it turn cancers around. The Hoxy program is
WONDERFUL. There are a LOT of programs out there that are
WONDERFUL and have turned terminal cancers around. But right
now you need a program for your whole body. And you need
someone that will "walk you through" the program. Hallelujah
Acres will do that. I hope you will keep me posted. And
let me know if you look into Hallelujah Acres. My heart really
goes out to you...I'll be praying for you...but as Hallelujah
Acres teaches..."You Don't Have To Be Sick!"...kathryn
Hallelujah Acres
P.O. Box 2388
Shelby, NC. 28151
Free weekend seminars.

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