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Re: Should vegan's flush? by Spirit ..... Liver Flush FAQ

Date:   10/23/2003 9:35:05 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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It is interesting how vegetarians and vegans often believe that by choosing "healthier" diet, they don't need bowel cleanse, Liver Flush or kidney cleanse.

But, do not be affraid, You are not alone .... thousands of vegetarians, vegans, and people following all those "healthier" diets have asked that question. I have a feeling that very many people are trying hard to find any excuse to avoid liver flush.

I don't say it is your case .... It is just ... many other people try very hard to avoid flushing liver, so I mention it here too ...

People following Blood Type Diet often say: "I am strictly on the Blood Type Diet , I avoid all "avoids", so I don't need Liver flush.
Wouldn't dr D'Adamo suggest liver flush, if it was needed?

Vegetarians often say: "My diet is the best diet for the liver, why would I really need liver flush?"

Person with Acne: "My skin is so oily, so much oil will only make it worse! I am not going to take a risk with liver flush!"

Person with Cancer: "I read that oil is not good for cancer diet, I am not going to take a risk with liver flush!"

Person suffering from Allergies: "I am allergic to eggs & nuts, should I realy try to take so much oil at once?"

Person concrened about their weight gain: "I am overweight, I think so much oil will only make it worse! I am not going to take a risk with liver flush!"

People like you say: "I am so thin, fragile, can I really take it? I don't need to loose weight!"

Everyone assumes that Liver Flush is opposite from what they need.

"Just give me one small excuse, and I am not going to do it ..."

The fact about weight is: Liver Flush helps NORMALIZE body weight.
That is it!

If you are overweight, it will help you loose weight, together with positive changes in your diet and lifestyle.
If you are underweight, it will help you gain weight, (together with positive changes in your diet and lifestyle.)

People are underweight when digestion is poor, bile is too weak, not enough bile to digest fat and proteins ... causing poor absorbtion ... and person can eat a lot ... and still not gain weight.
Displacement of the right hip bone in reference to the sacrum, is also the underlying cause of the low body weight.

Liver and gut are in the center of your body. Their function is also central to many aspects of life, including but not limiting to body weight, food tolerance, allergies ...

To answer your question, I will ask you:

Why are you vegan?
Really, why? How did you come to that?
You read a book?
Your friend told you it is the best you can do?
Or your own body told you "I feel good on this diet" ?

How many people do you know who are following diets that are making them sick?

Why are people you know vegans? (I suppose you know many other people who are vegans)?

Do you know anyone on Vegetarian (lacto) diet? Why are those people following that diet?

Do you know anyone following Macrobiotic diet? Why exactly Macrobiotic diet?
Do you know anyone following Stone Age diet? Why?
Do you know anyone following Body Ecology Diet? Why BED?
Do you know anyone following Atkins Diet? Why Atkins?
Anyone following Cancer Prevention diet? Why?
Anyone following Fruitarian diet? Why that diet?
Anyone following juicing diet? Why?
Anyone following Ayurveda diet? Why that diet?

Different people will give different answers, (ethical reasons, political reasons, ecological reasons .... ), sometimes they will try to explain how it is bad to eat meat, because animals are our relatives, but it is OK to eat veggies, veggies are not our relatives ("vegetarians ..."). or: meat is rottening inside intestines, but veggies are not ...

Or, it is bad to eat roots, because it is growing under ground, it is good to eat fruit, it is made to be eaten. ("Fruitarians")

Or, it is bad to eat grains and milk, our ancestors were not farmers but hunters and gatherers. ("stone age / paleo diet followers")

Or, it is bad to eat cooked food, all animals and our ancestors ate raw food. ("raw food diet")

All this could be true for them,


once you ask few more questions, you quickly discover that the main common reason (other then religion) for more then 95% of all people following any restrictive diet is:

They can't tolerate other foods! They don't feel as good when they eat other foods!

Vegans may feel sick or weak when eating meat/eggs/milk/fish!
They can't digest it properly!

The bottom line, almost aloways is: Food Tolerance & Intolerance!

Beside our genetics, (we can't change our genes and our blood type), what is the main cause of Food Intolerance?

- Liver Disfunction - toxic liver syndrome
- Bowel Disfunction - toxic bowel syndrome
- Kidney Disfunction - toxic kidney syndrome
- Adrenal Disfunction
- Lifestyle and stress

All that is more often then not connected to:
- diet - poor dietary choices- processed foods
- candida - candidiasis - the yeast syndrome - Antibiotics abuse syndrome
- Amalgam - toxic teeth syndrome
- vaccinations - toxic vaccine-caused damage
- medications
- environmental polutions
- mental / emotional / spiritual "polutions"

Now comes the answer to your question:

Yes, Vegans are at the top of "the list" of all people who need Liver flush!

Most vegans may not need Bowel Cleanse - just some good probiotics are usually enough, but Liver flush is more then must!

In itself, most often, vegan diet = bowel cleanse.

But, in the same time, vegan diet = cholesterol stones creating diet = Gallstones creating diet!


Because most vegans are on LOW FAT diet, and low fat diet is No1 cause of cholesterol stones.
LOW FAT diet = low bile flow = stagnated bile = creation of large stones.

LOW FAT diet is not a healthy Diet - humans need fats.
Our ancestors have consumed large amount of fat from seeds, nuts, fish, milk products, meat, and that is what we also need. (We may not need foods from all those groups, but the wider our choices are ... the higher chances that we will find and get all that we need ... )

Now, you may ask how did I come to all this?
Is there any book about this?
Yes, there are many books, like: " Liver Cleansing Diet" ?

But, I mainly got it from people like you!

I, and my friends, communicated with over 1000 people, and read Liver Flushing experiences from over 2000 people.

We have often spoken about those experiences, and nalayzed them, these are the statistics:

Vegans and Vegetarians are at the top of "the list", when it comes to "main liver flush parameters":

- stones by number (several thousands often)
- stones by weight
- stones by size - largest stones were up to a golf ball size
- cleanses by number - number of cleanses needed to achieve symptoms-free (intolerance - free)


I believe is is : "Low-fat diet!"

Most Vegans and Vegetarians became Vegans and Vegetarians because of the Liver Damage (intrahepatic stones) causing food intolerance.
Once they switched to "Low-fat diet!", their stones continue growing by size and by number ...

Vegans and Vegetarians are at the top of "the list" together with people diagnosed with: gallstones, cancers, AIDS, MCS, CFS, Allergies, Psoriasis, Acne, PMS, Eczema, Asthma, Food Intolerance. Candidiasis, IBD, toxic liver damage, high cholesterol, heart problems, hypertension, ....

All those people have in common one thing: Liver Damage! Reversable liver damage! Liver full of "cholesterol stones".

The bottom line is always : Food Tolerance/Intolerance!

And, the best way to start curing liver damage, it is by curing and flushing your liver!

Share with us your cleansing experience, I promis I will include you into my stats .-)


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