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My 5th cleanse and my friends 1st cleanse by tisha ..... Liver Flush FAQ

Date:   3/29/2002 2:16:53 PM ( 21 years ago ago)
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I completed my fifth cleanse this morning. On my fourth cleanse I didn't get any stones out. I decided that if I didn't get any stones out this time, I wouldn't do another cleanse for a while. Well, I got out about 20 stones. Nothing monumental, but still they are out so that is great. It was also a full moon. I had read about that being a factor. I don't know if it helped or not. (I know it helps in gardening :)

I also read Agnes's post about how you don't always get stones out every time. Some people have waited until the 18th or 19th cleanse to get "the big one." I was interested in her comment about how the liver might have to get healthier to be able to rid the body of stones. I just hope I'm not too late. It seems that the gall bladder is a fragile thing. Maybe I'm not getting stones out every time because my liver is really congested. I don't know. I also thought the comment about eating pizza was good. I have wondered about doing this cleanse long term and the effects on my body. It seems that Liver Cleansing is a good thing and if I'm eating pizza with all the cheese and fat, then what would a relatively little bit of olive oil hurt.

I have a friend who just recently tried the liver cleanse. I had been telling her about it for a couple of months. She said she wanted to try it but hadn't yet decided. Well, her body decided for her. Last week she was having so much pain. She had never had any diagnosed problems so she didn't know what it was. She went to the doctor and he told her it was either her colon, liver or gallbladder. She was supposed to come back for tests.

Well she called me and decided it was time to do the liver cleanse. She did something a little different. She did it during the day. She already hadn't eaten because it hurt to do so. She started at nine one morning with the ES. I told her I didn't have any experience with starting in the morning, so I would support her all I could with my limited knowledge. We had a "hot line" going as I was out shopping.

My son (14) went over to help her because he had done it once and we have always called him Dr. Lane because he has a good bedside manner. At one in the after noon she drank her oil/grapefruit juice. She does not like grapefruit juice so my son mixed the oil with mostly orange juice and a little grapefruit juice because I didn't know if it would make a difference in the results to not use just the grapefruit juice.

Well, about 10 pm she started passing stones. She passed about 20 total. She was still in pain. I was sorry to hear that. I knew that one cleanse probably wouldn't solve her problem, but I had hoped that it would ease her pain so that surgery wouldn't be necessary.

She went in the next day for tests and the doctor said she didn't have any stones but that her gall bladder was only functioning at 8%. She had to have it removed and felt better because the pain stopped, but I know from what I've read, that her problems may be just beginning. I hope that she will entertain doing more cleanses, but I don't know.

Anyway, interesting week around here "cleansingly" speaking,

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