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Re: Is she cheating on me? (Very Long) by Tom ..... Relationship Forum # 1 [Archive]

Date:   3/7/2003 6:16:43 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Thankyou to you both.

Firstly fountain of youth,
I dont really have no proof that she has done anything, as sarah said, i have a suspicious mind.

Like tonight, ive got it in my head thats shes off snogging some bloke. And it could be just my mind.

She told me last week that shes up for a laugh anytime.

Shes never stopped me from going to where she is, the gym, ive been out with her mates and that.

Maybe its just me.

A friend of mine says all women are the same, go out and get a bloke etc.

Im trying hard not to believe it.

People say im too young and i should be going from one girl to another.

But i dont want to do that, i want my girlfriend, im trying to be happy with her.

Past experiences may also play a part as ive had one girl pull some other bloke in front of me. That hurt.

Okay my girlfriend can get herself muddled up with her stories, but should i really be suspicious all the time?

I dont want to be and im trying really hard not to be.

Thankyou for your response, what you put there like gave me a good kick in the head. It woke me up and made me realise how lucky i am to have my girlfriend.

Okay shes not perfect, but shes the one i want to be with.

My girlfriend doesnt like the 'said friend', as he said all this stuff that shes trying to stop me and him being mates.

He looks out for me and doesnt want to see me get hurt.

But they should be my mistakes shouldnt they?

If i mention i heard something then she will tell me its untrue and she would never hurt me etc.

I dont want to push her away, but i do feel i am. Ive said some things to her that i havent meant, then the next day i apoligise cause i dont want to lose her.

And i realise what a fool ive been.

Wednesday i got a card saying im the best boyfriend ever and she loves me always.

I guess we all have off days. I was angry with myself today, she accepted my apology, she knew i was joking but i did go to far.

The mates thing, she knows already and she is understanding about it as she was annoyed herself about her mate.

Her cousin hates my guts.

But i at least show a bit of courtesy towards her friends, i may not like some of them but i wouldnt be ignorant to them.

As my girlfriend would be stuck in the middle of it.

I just want to love her, i need a new mind.

Weekends away were great, we could relax and i thought nothing of stuff.

I need to lose my paranoia, but its hard.

She says im loyal, understanding, caring etc and she never wants to let me go to anyone else.

I get little things with a love message.

Would she go to this trouble if she wasnt bothered?

I do need to chill out.

I think im just scared of losing such a great girl.

And i dont realise how lucky i am.

I should take what ive got and be happy.

Im seeing her sunday, do you reckon a rose and a little lovey type letter?

She explained everything last saturday about that she wants me.


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