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Re: My psoriasis success by Watashi ..... Psoriasis Support Forum

Date:   8/22/2006 10:26:33 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Around January of 1999 I noticed a patch of some skin condition on my right back, just behind the armpit. Soon after I noticed another patch (maybe 2-3 inches diameter) near my left shin. I went to dermatologist, who diagnosed it as psoriasis. It disappeared in the summer, then came back, slightly worse, the next winter.

That pattern -- the Psoriasis disappearing every summer and coming back like clockwork in the late fall and lasting through the winter -- continued. By last winter I had it fairly extensively on both lower legs and about the same 3-4" patch on my right back. I also had a fairly mild case on both forearms.

I had fair success keeping it under control if I constantly applied lanolin, but if I stopped even briefly it would come back full force.

I started doing about 6 fresh-squeezed vegetable juices and 2 coffee enemas a day last January, and very quickly the Psoriasis patches got noticeably better. Within about a month they were gone. A plantars wart on the bottom of my foot that I had had no success with for about two years disappeared too.

I did 3-4 carrot/apple juices a day, and the rest "green" juices with a little apple juice for taste. The green juices consisted of belgian endives, red and green chard, wheat grass, a little green pepper, romaine and other green lettuces (not iceberg). All organic.

My case was not as severe as I'm sure some of the other members of this forum have it, so I can't claim it would work for everyone. But this is a great, wonderful internal cleansing regimen and I'm sure it would be helpful for many. I'd be very interested to hear of anyone else's success who tried this method.

By the way, I did this juicing/coffee-enema regimen for asthma, not for psoriasis.

Unfortunately, it didn't work for my asthma.

But I was very pleased -- and completely surprised -- when my Psoriasis disappeared.



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