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Re: increased discomfort now after gallstone flush? ... here are answers by #69242 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/4/2002 10:32:14 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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> Agnes and Lillian,
> Maybe this information will help: I am 30 years old. I'm about 5 ft. 9, 160 lbs. I have had four children in the last 6 1/2 years. I am a caucasian female. I don't know my blood type off hand. I'm not sure what p-pils are--do you mean birth control? If so, I took them for a few months right after I got married, but not since then. I believe my toes are healthy. Nothing looks abnormal. My small toenail on my right foot is cracked vertically, I'm assuming because I have really wide feet and that toe bears the burden in my shoes. My left big toe has a couple of horizontal ridges on it. As far as other symptoms go, I have the stereotypical pain in my right shoulder blade. I can't really figure out which foods make my pain worse yet. It usually seems to be worse at night. And it's not usually true pain, just a noticeable tightness or pressure--slight discomfort. Once, when I tried a primitive flush with just a little olive oil and lemon juice (no other preparations at all), I had noticeably increased discomfort. You asked about my profession. I'm a stay at home mom. Yes, I can walk just fine. I have never had any surgery. I have not tried a coffee enema. What exactly should I do? What would be the benefit? (I'm new at all this!)

coffee enema is mild liver and gallbladder cleanse.
Click on "Articles" link (top of this page), and then choose "Cleansing" from the left-side manu.
You will find many articles about coffee enema.

> No, I haven't tried castor oil packs, and I haven't tried 1 tsp. of magnesium sulfate daily. My heightened discomfort after the 1st cleanse has disappeared, but I'm not really any better off than I was before the cleanse. Discomfort is more noticeable in certain positions, such as lying on my right side, sometimes when taking a deep breath, or when stretching upward, or stretching/leaning over to my left side. Usually, though, it's just a mild, vague ache. This is a very interesting fact: The night of my gallbladder flush, I couldn't feel any discomfort at all, which is unusual. No matter how I changed my position, or pushed around on my abdomen, I just couldn't feel anything. Does this tell you anything useful?

Yes, this is an important information.
It means that you need magnesium sufate ( Epsom Salts ).
I believe that Epsom Salts was the reason for you not to have any discomfort the night you did cleanse. (I assume you have been using Epsom Salts in your cleanse? )

One of the reason for increased discomfort after the first cleanse can be a huge stone inside your gallbladder.

When big stone inside gallbladder get pushed out, it may be lodged inside cystic duct (narrow throat-like duct that connects gallbladder with common (main) bile duct).

If that stone blocks the gallbladder totally, that may cause pain.

In case of this scenario, it may take several cleanses, sometimes even 15 or 20 before gallbladder and liver becomes healthy enough (healthy bile ducts are fexible bile ducts) to push that big stone out. If you have seen immage gallery on this web site, you can see one stone that is 4.5 cm long. Man who passed that stone, got it out on his 18th cleanse.

Another possible cause of pain may be one or several large stones inside liver (inside bile ducts inside liver) that got moved, but there was not enough bile to move them out totally.

In case of this scenario, it may happen that those stones move out on the 3rd or 6th cleanse.

> But late the next day is when it gradually got worse, and then a day later it settle down again to the same old thing.

Yes, that means that stones have been moving, but there was not enough power to push them out totally.

It is rarely that big stones are pushed out already on the first cleanse.

It usually takes more then just one cleanse.

> I was going to wait a full two weeks to repeat the flush, simply because I don't feel like I'm really in panic mode as far as the pain goes. I had a sonogram and an abdominal CT scan, as well as blood work for the liver 2 years ago. All turned up negative for everything. They just told me it was "one of those things" and it seemed to go away when I was pregnant with my 4th. It just reappeared about 2-3 months ago, this time with the shoulder blade pain. I'm just wondering if instead of a few big stones that would show up on sonogram, maybe I have tons of little ones that are packed in there, not causing any big attacks, but causing this fairly constant pressure.

Yes, that is also possible, but you have to know that a sonogram is not always able to find stones.

> I'm hoping this is the case. I'm worried about what the other possibilities could be if it's not gallstones. Should I go back to the doctor to have any tests repeated?

In most people, Gallstones are the worst that can happened.
If you are affraid of tumors, your chances are poor, considering all pregnancies.

Women pregant many times have small chances of developing tumors.

> Thanks for listening to this long-winded reply!
> Lisa<

I think, you will know more after the second, third, fourth cleanse.
Keep us updated.

I suggest you to read all the web pages linked from the main liver cleanse page, especially pages about Gallstones attack prevention.

Subjects to explore:
- castor oil pack
- flaxseed oil
- taurine & arginine
- bile salts
- taking Epsom Salt (1/2 or 1 tea-spoon) daily with juice or water
- reflexotherapy
- ename, coffee enema

Link to main liver cleanse page is below this message.
Read also Liver cleanse FAQ.




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