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Re: results of 8th liver cleanse by Adrienne ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   3/12/2002 6:11:59 PM ( 21 years ago ago)
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Hi Lu,

> So tell me, how is it that you feel after so many cleanses....what are some
of the major benefits >you have physically, emotionally and mentally
experienced as a result of these flushing cleanses.

I was just thinking how much better I feel physically, and wondering how much
of it had to do with the liver cleanse. After my GB surgery in Sept. of 2001,
I made several changes that I think have affected my health. I'm certain that
the liver cleanse is what relieved me of the pain and digestive symptoms I was
experiencing after surgery. But I've also been relieved of joint stiffness in
my right hip, and numbness/stiffness, first thing in the morning, in both
pinkies on my hands. I've also had complete relief from periodic pain in both
elbows. And finally, the major pain between my shoulder blades has almost
completely disappeared. I don't know that I can relate the relief of all
these symptoms to the liver cleanse, because the other major changes I've made
may have caused the relief. One change has been to daily add fresh organic
fruit and veggie juice (I bought a juicer) to my diet. The other major change
has been to faithfully do the postural exercises my husband (a chiropractor)
has given me to do. So, I don't know, but I plan on continuing to do all the seems to be working!

As far as feeling better emotionally and/or mentally, if there has been any
improvement, I'd have to attribute it solely to my continuing faith in God.
Thanks for asking,

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