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Re: to charles obscure by rygar ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/27/2006 3:20:55 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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i actually came about this from sheer frustration, i am the type where if i try everything and i get nothing (from what i feel anyways, maybe i was doing really well-who knows?) i will quit, just like that- whatever it may be! now i don't recommend this mentality to everyone because i don't know how everyone takes things.But for me personaly,fasting and starving myself healthy was an 'instinct' for me to do.I was getting strands of mucus in my stool before i even knew what candida was and i was sure something was wrong with me- other then Candida (??)
or parasites or whatever it may have been.Since then i have discovered i have horrible allergies to;wheat,milk,processed carbs,sugar (which makes me literly insane!) eggs,raw garlic or anything that has a bitter or spicy strong effect,beans,practicly any kind of carb including complex because they constipate me severly-including veggies like broccoli and salads.And i thought of eating rare/raw meats and foods as close to their raw state as much as possible even before i heard of the primal diet or aajonus vonderplanitz and practicing the warrior diet regimine a few months before i read the you can see that i am a firm believer in allowing the body to heal itself through fasting and also listening to your instincts and cues,which brings me to you quote to allowing the body to heal itself of Candida and parasites- which aren't really a problem for me anymore since i cut out all carbs (aside from pourage that seems to be working wonderfully as a 'clean burning' carb source) and sticking to a raw like diet.

what is distilled water? i do drink alot of bottled water and have been for a while, are you saying i should boil my water? and if so does the tea kettle material matter?

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