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Re: Flushers might find this from interesting - again the traditional medical paradigm denies the low risk and high success rate of "alternative" remedies by chrissy11 ..... Questioning & Criticizing Any Claims

Date:   9/10/2004 12:10:54 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Karlin, some great thoughts. It is SO REFRESHING to be able to share these thoughts about the hypocrisy and deceit of the traditional medical establishment with other like-minded people.

I do not blame doctors (too busy), hospitals (underfunded), HMO's (profit driven), or even pharmaceuticals (also profit driven) for the years of damage to the health of millions of people (not to mention the unnecessary costs, pain, etc). The problem lies within the system itself and its encouragement of profits over improved health. And more laws/regulations will only make it worse. For example, to require the medical establishment to base their "success" on the general health of its country's citizens would only provide a new window of deceit, skewing health statistics and possibly opening up a whole new system of deceit provided by "health survey writers". As our present society exists today, the answer, unfortunately, lies only with the individual. OF course it would help if unnecessary treatments, drugs, etc., were not advertised like the latest footwear (come to think of it, I think I see more ads for drugs than for any other product or service on t.v. these days!), and there are other small steps (disseminating the absolute truth would be nice) we could make to stack the deck FOR the citizen, but the ultimate answer to good health is simply an individual's responsibility.

But that individual responsibility cannot work properly if individuals are lied to and deceived. Who do you believe? The "quack" alternative therapy, the "official" MD, his cronies? Which brings us right back to curezone. The only ideas I feel I can trust are those that are shared by real people with real experiences. People I can talk to, ask questions, etc.

PS: It seems that we could do all this without the help of anyone from the traditional establishment. I suppose that is the greatest threat to their livelihood.

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