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Just back to say hello! by missp ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   5/7/2006 9:01:11 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hey everybody! Soooooooo... I'm a few days out from 9.5 days (I know, let's not even bother with that one lol).

Anyway, I STILL feel great. I continue to see the annoyances of the cleanse as minor, and certainly NO greater than daily annoyances from unhealthy living to any degree. I had my first decently solid bm after a couple of days. I broke with OJ, but knew almost immediately that I couldn't stomach OJ for a whole day.. love the stuff, but blegh. I began drinking about a quarter cup of homemade soup broth after a half day and then on to small amounts of yogurt the next day. I used lemonade as a 'filler' to keep up my calories and liquid intake. All this has worked out really well.

I've been told I'm glowing! Go figure... didn't even see that in my own mirror =) I'm also still slimmer (I'm now eating "food" food, but NO heavy meats, very little starches and tons of leafy stuff; my dessert is yogurt or peanut butter). Regardless of the outside, I am certain I got some stuff out from the inside. I'm grateful for those couple of days of much heavier detoxing and the crap (Zoe's "sheet") that sloshed out of me.

I am now oil pulling daily and am keeping an eye out for any changes with that. AFAIK, it will "do no harm", so I shall continue. I will also delve into a Liver Flush in a few weeks (wish me luck with the swallow..........).

Anyhoo.. I wish everyone the very best! I hope I can be of some help from time to time. Happy cleansing!

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