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Day 6'ers.. Thought of quitting (long) by missp ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   4/29/2006 5:50:28 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Yep, 'thought' as in past tense. I've really had to do some soul searching today. Food has been on my mind today, unlike days 1-5 where I would only briefly think of food (although I will be cooking for a dinner party next month and have begun gathering my recipes). <== Even that didn't bother me. No, today is different.

However, I have pardoned myself for considering breaking my MC. Although it wasn't a major crime to have these thoughts, it was important that I remember why I'm doing this. I didn't enter this without some forethought and the knowledge that I'd probably feel this way somewhere along the Master-Cleanse journey. I knew I'd think of food, maybe get a headache, get tired and sport a fancy white tongue.

My mother always said "I can get through anything especially when I know when it's going to be over". This has even gotten me through childbirth with a smile =) (That's not to belittle the 8 months of physical and heavy emotional prep work I did for labor though!)

And so......... Day 6 Enders!

Today I've had more mucous in my throat. It's actually like a thick film in the back of my mouth that cannot be gargled out. This has actually made me a bit nauseous at times -- I just get queasy like that.

I am also getting a mild headache. However, fighting day 2-4 headaches was very successful. Yesterday's headache had the potential to be disastrous!! It really tried to get me. But a WONDERFUL 30 minute lavendar soap shower, a cold eye mask and actually LETTING myself rest equaled NO headache at all this morning - zero, zilch. I must also credit throwing in an extra lemonade and water.

No tea for me last night. Don't wake a sleeping lion =) Tonight I will either do an Epsom Salt bath or enema (see next thread). I am D.E.T.O.X.I.N.G! and I feel it. I am just sluggish and have not taken advantage of warm weather and sunshine on a Saturday. I have to get these toxins out pronto. A quick spoon of molasses has helped. I eat molasses all the time with biscuits so it was no biggie.

With that said, I feel I am really doing great on the MC. I believe my detox/cleansing symptoms are quite normal and help my awareness. As a woman, awareness is most important. 7 pounds down and continuing with my cleanse!

I hope everyone else, no matter what the day, is pushing through. If your overall health is up to completing the Master-Cleanse there's no reason we can't do this!

Good health to all


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