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Re: In Defense Of Wimps Everywhere.... by hopinso ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   12/30/2005 2:54:54 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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If you are new to using cayenne or have a past sensitivity to hot foods, it might be best to start out with the "wimpy" stuff and progress to the hotter variety. For anyone who started out with the 40,000 STU (Scoville Thermal Units, the standard of measuring heat units) capsules from Walmart will be in for quite an awakening with the cayenne that is two or three times hotter. Take that from someone who has "been there, done that". The hotter the cayenne the better, if you can tolerate it.

My Naturopath tells the story of how he got an emergency call from a rural settlement. An elderly man had a stroke and it would take the ambulance from Town an hour or more to get there. "Doc" ran out to see how he could help and grabbed a bottle of (I think he said) 180,000 STU tincture. When he got to the home the old man was stiff and talking gibberish. Doc. dosed him with a dropper full of tincture and within seconds he was returning to normal. After a few moments the signs of the stroke reappeared. Every couple of minutes Doc. would give the guy a few drops of cayenne and he would improve. He kept this up until the ambulance came. Cayenne tincture can both control bleeding and improve circulation. The more I use it and the older I get, the more I am convinced that every household should keep some strong tincture on hand for emergencies.

"I honestly don't remember the exact equivalent of a properly prepared tincture to the dried herb...grrr. I KNOW I read it somewhere, but it's lost somewhere in my brain."*
* Mine says 1:5 herb strength ratio. It does not have the STU on the label, but it falls somewhere between wimpy and the good stuff. It was the only kind available when I bought it. Since its a 30 mile drive to the nearest health food store, I'll use this one up before buying more.

"After using both the tincture and the powdered herb, I would guess that 5 drops (not dropper ful!) several times daily would more than do the trick. And yes, I'd DEFINITELY mix it with a tiny bit of lemonade and do it like a shot of tequila, rather than mix it with a full glass of lemonade and sip it! Unless, of course, you're a masochist and just want to have that burning sensation all day long"*

*This is probably the best way to take cayenne. It needs to be absorbed in the mouth for its greatest effect. Another "Doc" story-years ago he attended a seminar on cayenne led by no one less than Dr. Christopher himself. Doc told how this old man came out spoke a little on his subject and proceeded to take out a dropper full of 100,000 STU cayenne tincture and place it on his tongue and swallow. While he did not ask anyone in the class to do what he did, he told how that action would improve his brain, heart and lungs, his blood would be purified and circulate better, he would be more alert and a host of other things. While Christopher did not teach most of the seminar himself, his actions made a profound impression on the class. I am not brave enough to do the direct on the tongue thing, but taking a shot of cayenne laced lemonade, holding it in the mouth as long as possible, then swallowing may be the best way for us to reap the most benefits from cayenne and improve the cleansing effectiveness of Master Cleanse. Besides cayenne powder in the drink makes me gag :)

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