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Re: URGENT: pear shaped douche enema - Bulb syringe by CarolMomOf3 ..... Enema & Colonics Support Forum

Date:   3/29/2023 9:09:09 PM ( 6 months ago ago)
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Sorry, meant to say ďaunt was an old fashioned nurse.Ē

Not old school nurse. Sorry.

I have used the bulb syringe many times over the years. In my early 70s now.

Seemed when growing up ever home had a bulb syringe. I remember seeing it in my friends homes. Of course never asked about it.
So like Valerie, was my first experience of getting enemas ó the bulb syringe.

Using the bulb solo can be done. But requires refilling and reaching to give yourself a bulb enema. Some prefer another to administer the bulb enema to them. Itís easier when have someone to assist.

Growing up the bulb enema was given often!

Given on a table (most of the time kitchen table or dining room table the one receiving the enema on the table was on back on a towel with legs held up in the air some) the pan of warm soapy water was always sitting on the table; Or,

across the lap way (the one getting the bulb would be across the lap on a towel laying on tummy - the pan of warm soap water was close by so she could refill the bulb if needed in the large bowl or pan a few times); Or,

or laying on a towel on the bed, laying on side. It wasnít given often on the bed. Guess was because the linen would have to be removed for the enema. Only time I remember getting the bulb when in bed was when I was sick in bed and had a fever. It was all brought to the bedroom.

Best to consult with holistic doctor before giving any home remedies. Including enemas.

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