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Re: Breediot 'logic' 101 by legna ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   12/1/2022 1:06:05 PM ( 3 months ago ago)
Hits:   52

God forbid anybody deprives the elites of future wage slaves and cannon fodder. I mean where will the 1% elite get their adrenochrome from if breediots don’t breed? Baaaaaaaaa.........................… also, big pharma must be provided with new/fresh lab rats for ongoing medical experiments!

'Life is so meaningful'' aha and what is meaningful about it Karen? *cricket noise, because meanwhile same people end up with alcohol and downing anti-depressants because they themselves realize life is meaningless, even after performing their hobbies which include scrolling TikTok and watching the Kardashians, so much life fulfilment!

Who is more evil, the god that does nothing regarding evil and suffering or the breediots that keep bringing more people to experience evil and suffering and death? They both are but I am leaning more on humans. With the full knowledge of the suffering and agony that awaits people here, breediots keep bringing more and more and more humans to this place. breediots just do not give 2 F… and they dare to say they love those humans. That is not something you do to someone you say you love. They keep doing it for irrational, selfish, stupid, emotional, delusional 'reasons'. God did it once, humans will keep doing it forever. That is beyond evil.

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