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Re: Wild Oregano by legna ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   11/7/2022 6:05:20 AM ( 7 months ago ago)
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Breediot joel back with the fear mongering/fear p 0 r n marketing, just like big pharma/medical is using the satanic 'germ' THEORY of 'dis-ease' religion which was NEVER proven, got zero evidence but endless evidence to disprove it. Complete inversion of reality... just like satanists alkays do... it is their way.

Yes, germs LOVE to clean up toxic tissues.

Why/how are tissues toxic? Heavy metals, nano-heavy metals man made chemicals... remove these, the body will decrease its workers('germs') levels. Fairly simple and verifiable by even the lowest common denominator.

But greedy, selfish breediots like joel LOVES to scare the sheeple into stupidity, just like medical/pharma does. When you induce fear into the sheeple(most humans), they will accept and do any 'treatment'.

The germ theory is the perfect religion/tool for greedy selfish satanist freemason control freak megalomaniacs(like joel/mh/ master decepticon serpent). Through this religion one can do and make the sheeple do and accept anything/everything. Literally.

The germs are God's gift to the sick to be used to speed up a healing.  The germ is a scavenger that lives on toxins, mucus, poisons and filth.  They are nature's perfect garbage men.  We should work with them, not against them.  With the moist incubation they multiply faster and faster.  To live they must eat and the only thing they can consume is the filth of the body.  When all the garbage is cleaned up they leave, because they have nothing more to live on.

A germ cannot consume, or live on, good live cell structure.  If they could then we should have a great fear!  But after cleaning out the body of our sickness, which is accumulated waste, the germ finishes its job and leaves us with a healing c1imax.

If we take shots, inoculation and/or oral medication to kill the germs, we have defeated the purpose of nature.  It is like having a garbage man's strike in a large city. When we kill our garbage men (germs) in the human body, we still have the original filth they were trying to consume, plus continual additions, plus the corpses of all the germs we have killed.

This causes the heart to labor, trying to pump the sludge through the system, pulling calcium from wherever it can to help in this extra labor.  Then when we are faced with a calcium deficiency we can develop rheumatic fever (causing a rheumatic heart and a weakened body) that can even (one day) go into polio, stroke, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, etc., etc.  The rheumatic fever condition leaves a calcium weakness that can lie dormant for years and then with a new loss of calcium at some future date, can develop into one of these maladies.

We want to build the fever as fast as possible with moisture.  Dry fever is a killer, causing infantile paralysis, brain fever, etc., but moist fever can go much higher and if used properly, by working with the germs, can only do good as the "Maker" of this human body intended.


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