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Re: Paraboy by #69242 ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   9/27/2022 6:59:40 PM ( 6 months ago ago)
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all the man developed grains make for poor lung health-----wheat surely the worse of the lot...those living on breakfast cereals just asking for poor health. Wheat products made with corn syrup and covered in white sugar.

This is the time of the year when people start experiencing really bad lung health---especially starting by their 50's...........the victims, they all seek drugs for their asthma type hard breathing that gets worse as the sun goes down. When the sun goes down--many suffer until the sun rises.... The _____s that seek the breathing machines ---oh my what a tragedy...

All humans that are 3 days old and older, do well with a monthly visit to a great chiropractor----they still exist, but they are becoming fewer each year and not uncommon to have to drive 30+ miles to locate one that knows what he is doing.........the one I go to now, (because last one retired) has 2 brothers and 1 sister that are also chiropractors and their dad was a chiropractor......often the children become chiropractors because it is a rewarding job in so many different ways.

When breathing is an issue--diet is always the first correction for sure...

BUT as a human coughs, and they cough way too long---they keep pushing their back out of place between the shoulders where the nerves enter to surround both lungs--

ONCE those vertebra are out of place----YOU WILL SUFFER every night of your life and 10x worse in the winter months after midnight......

YOU can take all the drugs, all the herbs---do most anything short of "fasting" and each night will be miserable.... "IF" the nerves to both lungs are pinched----only the chiropractor can cure that fast, often with 1 visit. It seems like once your past age 50, you are able to cough those vertebra out much easier than when you were young and stronger.

IT IS THIS SIMPLE---everyone could live healthier, better--if they tried. VIRTUALLY every disease and reason for prematurely aging and dying was understood by the year 1900

"IF" we do not stop each symptom as they show up---then they multiply as time goes on.......ALWAYS stop a cold before it becomes a flue.

If you hurt---find the cure before it hurts too long.

You can be sick due to very bad people, very bad environment, dirty home in so many different ways --living in the wrong part of the world, etc., etc. but if people like living, they always have choices that could lead to a better life........for example---people living too far North of Florida were known before I was born that if they moved to Florida, they averaged 10 years longer life........yet, the majority of people hate to move and will live and die where they were born...and they are fine with that....and the happy people live longer than the sad people------most often people get tired of living after their family and friends pass have to want to live most of all.....those that like living, they will seek their own answers, find their own solutions.

Lung health has allot to do with pH and pH results from the diet and general health. You always treat the body as a whole and not just 1 part-----Love your entire body enough to care for it and it will carry you.


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