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a used house by #69242 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   8/10/2022 1:36:08 PM ( 5 months ago ago)
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when a human buys an old house that has been abused-----they either tear it down or they clean it up

A person that just covers up the old walls with paneling --just ads to the demise of the structure---years ago a real bank would never loan $$ on such places.

In the past couple of years, banks/organized criminals have been paying 3-4x what a house is worth---because the $$ failed and they dump it into anything a human can sleep in.Today trash houses are "saleable" --houses that should be torn down and gotten disposed of. This increases decay/rot/termites/cockroaches/disease.

The human body is not allot different---it fails as a result of accumulations and rot. Adding toxic substances to decrease the pains of the rotting process---only adds to the demise.

PREVENTION applies to every thing in life----preventing rot, preventing disease is far easier than treating disease and restoring health.

Many, surely a majority, allow their body to degrade and "trust" toxic things that only insure damage. Few like prevention because it limits their destructive habits and diet.

MOST ALL that wait too long, discover all the drugs did not cure their problems----they never want to start with the foundation problems---they just want the "quick" fix.

BEFORE drugs/poisons the quick fix was simple-----the past 120 years there is no such thing as a "quick" fix, there is only "cleansing" of the body and hopes it can restore, while it is poisoned 24/7 since birth via dirty air...

FAILURE results from a body loaded up with "rock" like substances and everything accumulated within the body---is poison, because it leads to premature failure.

ROCK LIKE accumulations are INVISIBLE to the eyes------it floats in the air, it comes in water, drinks and foods, as well as enters through the skin.

INVISIBLE ROCK is an easy subject-----people think water is rock free, but when the water is boiled away---all the chemicals float up and out with the steam and the rock is left in the bottom of the pan...........

GROUND WATER is a blessing and a curse---unless that rock is removed first.

That exact same rock found in all ground water is the number 1 reason on earth for mammals to age and die....

AGING is an outward appearance of how much rock is stuck inside you....

MAYBE you don't "feel" the results of rock accumulation for 30-50 years----------and want to think you can undo that damage with a pill does not happen that way. YOUR ENTIRE BODY can have accumulated rock stuck and the skin is always the last organ to fail-----the older you look, the more failure within internally.

IF you die an average death---your liver, kidneys, heart, brain, etc. can look like you should have died years before...but thanks to your skin, you lasted a few more years.......

putting anything commercial / none natural on the skin-----is anti-living.

ROCK is natural and purified rock is more toxic yet........along with every known poison, like mercury, lead, etc. WHAT enters and stays--leads to death.

Your air has been weaponized against you since the first commercial wars and endless industries filling the skies above with waste....clean air is far harder to achieve than clean water. You can try to clean the air inside your home---but you can never clean the air you breathe outside the home...

Dirty air they say takes 100 years to "adapt" to....people 100 years ago would take 1 breathe of air today and go into "shock", they could not live.

People today can be allergic to their air, their water, their food, their clothing, their home---everything....because they have far too much poison accumulated within and just 1 more new poison sends them over the edge.

YET, the normal person will ignore it all and just 1 more new thing to cure their life.....give me that 1 thing I need so it all goes away.

IT HAS NEVER BEEN what you need, but how much can you eliminate from your body.

TOO THIN PEOPLE have a hard path......when your thin and ill, that proves you are in trouble. You must eat your way back to health, which is far more expensive that eliminating the waste from your body.The too thin people will need the best foods, best supplements and allot of exercise and life change....

People with an extra 20-50 pounds, they have it "easier", even though proper weight is the only true cure.

Diet change and Habit change along with plentiful sunshine is the normal cure-all, something all humans can change to with no added cost---because their damaging diet and habits cost as much more more than good diet and habits.

EVEN THOUGH you can have 5x more new red blood cells in just 14 days---the rock accumulated within your bones and cells---can easily take 7+ years to remove------the old timers always based human health on 7 years.

Parasites always a problem, once a human is sick------proper diet eliminates most of them in time..

Sadly, the majority, if not just about all old and sick humans, prefer death over change.....they would rather die than give up the things that are killing them...

I have met "maybe" 1 human that tried to change--but as he trusted those around him too much---he failed. RULE NUMBER ONE---the day you can't or don't care for your self--that is the day you messed up and are at the mercy of others---ONLY YOU, care for you...eventually others will grow tired of taking care of you and believe you need to die.

Actually the medical art of medical assisted suicide is the greatest value they offer---assisting those that are suffering, to just be killed. Hospitals have been doing it for EVER ....often with the belief they need to kill you 6 months prior to your death, so you and your friends can avoid the pains. Just like putting your dogs and cats down---humans like that idea more as time goes on... they don't like the idea that they are "suppose" to be dead by age 40, they still have not accepted that professional theory yet, but as they breathe the treated air, that has been the goal since 1992.










creates a home for LYMES WORMS

Lymes appeared 300 years ago and is the last true plague against all mammals on earth..

"IF" your not steam distilling your water...
"IF" your not fighting lymes worms........

Then you have failed to defend yourself at all times---which simple means your failing at life.

ENDLESS things want you dead-----if you ignore them all, you just follow their plan.


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