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What works for me is this... by FocusOnHealth ..... Leg Cramps & Leg Pain Support

Date:   11/29/2021 2:19:22 AM ( 6 months ago ago)
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> Most cramps go away after a few minutes.

No, they don't.

> It is possible to anticipate their occurrence

No, not true; they're always unexpected.

> and relieve the pain.

Not true.

> If they become recurrent or are associated with other symptoms,
> it is recommended to see a doctor.

When you say "doctor", you're pushing the services of "MDs" I neither need nor want.

Further, your post includes a plug to (your) pharmacy!

> A cramp causes severe pain.
> It can be quickly relieved with a few simple actions:

No, this is not true.

> stop the activity involved in the onset of the cramp;

Read the OP's post again... these cramps aren't caused by any activity.

> stretch and massage the muscle affected by the cramp.
> For example, if it is a calf cramp, lift your leg and
> pull the toe up (bring the toe towards you). Once you
> have done this exercise, try walking on your heels for
> a few minutes;

Advices like these are peddled by physical therapists "Bob and Brad" and many others on YouTube. However, their advices have never worked for my leg cramps.

> rehydrate by drinking plenty of water;

Water-drinking has never worked for my leg cramps.

> If the muscle pain persists after the cramp,
> you can take one of the following medicines:
> paracetamol, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
> or "NSAID" (ibuprofen, ketoprofen) or aspirin. Each
> of these medicines should be used alone: do not take
> several NSAIDs at the same time, or one NSAID and aspirin.

Here at Curezone we educate but don't medicate.

The solution that works for my leg cramps is self-control. The usual issue is the evil of carbohydrates. Example: of fruits, I eat only two servings per day, as opposed to 10 or 15 serving per day.

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