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Begging for help with 3.3cm thyroid nodule :( by daisytopia ..... Iodine Support & Discussion: Seaweed, Kelp, Lugols etc.

Date:   11/4/2021 10:49:21 PM ( 23 months ago ago)
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Hi everyone. I would from the bottom of my heart appreciate any advice here. Truly. New to the forum and made an account just to inquire about this. Iím unable to stop thinking about this for more than five minutes at a time because Iím just so scared and lost on how to heal this. Iím a 33yr old female. I have what was listed on the ultrasound report as a ď3.3cm almost completely solidĒ thyroid nodule. Itís slighty visible upon looking at my neck. The biopsy was negative for cancer but ďsuspiciousĒ according to them. Therefore, they said we should remove that half of my thyroid. I donít want to do that and Iím petrified of ending up worthy that as a last resort. My blood labs came back low on Iodine and I am certain thatís due to being a vegan since childhood. I began taking 12.5mg Iodoral and companion supplements about two months ago and also eat extremely clean. No change at all thus far. I know the protocol calls for 50mg at the least but anytime Iíve bumped it up higher than 24mg Iíve broken out to an extreme all over my face and chest in acne. Deep cysts and also countless whiteheads covering nearly every square inch of my face. When I say bad I mean explosive to the point where scarring occurred and people commented. I know this may seem trivial but it took a big toll on my mental health. I did the salt loading exactly and have follow all advice to avoid the bromide detox symptoms but that did not seem to help. My question is ó has anyone had luck with shrinking a thyroid nodule on Iodoral at doses from 12-24mg? Will it work but at a slower rate possibly? Are there any specific food/diet guidelines that could help? I am terrified of having to have the surgery and remove what could be healed otherwise but Iím also terrified to the core that while I try alternatives, they may not work and the nodule will grow/worsen.

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