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10 Essential Health Benefits of Oha Leaves by Philo552 ..... Health Education & Certification Forum

Date:   9/16/2021 6:35:14 AM ( 73 days ago ago)
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Oha leaf is a popular cooking ingredient in Nigeria's southeastern region. Pterocarpus mildraedii is the botanical name, and African Rosewood is the English name. Oha leaf is frequently used in the preparation of soups and other delectable dishes. Aside from the flavor, it adds to foods, oha leaf is also used for its medicinal or health benefits. The nutritional and health benefits of oha leaves are discussed in this article.

Oha (ora) leaves are used to make oha soup, one of Nigeria's most delicious soups. Cocoyam or achi, palm kernel oil, uziza leaves, and chicken can all be used to make it.

Oha Leaves' Nutritional Value

As a vegetable, it is obvious that it contains a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to the body. It contains calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins B and C, and many other nutrients. All of the nutrients mentioned above are extremely beneficial to the body in a variety of ways.

Now, we'll look at some of the health benefits of oha leaf, so you can see how using the leaf in your cooking can benefit your body.

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