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Re: Covid Colloidal Silver treatment by naturesniff ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   8/23/2021 11:17:59 PM ( 4 months ago ago)
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Wife and I had Covid last November 2020, we both survived magnificentlyh with High PPM Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver , 12,000 PPM to be exact, just a few bottles did the trick with NO side effects.

I/we snorted the Colloidal Silver into my sinuses with my head tilted back at the edge of my bed, Atomic Particles are the ONLY size that can penetrate past the Blood Brain Barrier.

Doing this killed the virus that was attacking the brain, which in turn caused the mucus to trickle down the esophagus into the lungs, which would in turn deliver the virus to the lungs.

I/we also placed the Colloidal Silver 12,000 PPM in a sprayer bottle and inhaled it into our lungs, you cannot do this with nanoparticle silver, because the silver nanoparticles are metallics, and can get trapped in the lungs and cause furthe long term damage.

Atomic Particles are no longer metallic, but are in a crystal mineral state the the human body loves.

They are easy to expel once the body does not need them, they can never get trapped in your kidneys or liver as do nanoparticles, because even if they do get stuck in a cell eventually that cell will die off, and get expelled once you go to the rest room to expel yourself of the bodies excrement.

Atomic Particles are the perfect size for assimilation.

After we got rid of Covid, we both took CanCleanse from GoldenGevity. That product quickly restored our DNA that Covid had disrupted, and got our smell and taste back two weeks after getting rid of Covid.

Its been 10 months and we both go out without a mask, no problem. The variant did try to attack me, but a couple of drinks of Colloidal Silve 10,000 PPM made that go away.


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