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Re: Magnet test by trapper/kcmo ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   6/10/2021 8:57:12 PM ( 43 days ago ago)
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i will tell you about the magnet test. they want this spread around. at some point it will just be accepted. but why? what is causing magnets to stick to people when they didnt used to. what has changed? what are we NOT being told????? there are PSA's popping up and debunking it as fake news. this is more demoralizing and humiliating that theyre doing. just like ALL of covid. im sure their astonishment at how well it worked is glowing like the china syndrome under the WTC for weeks after 911.

pics related - from my wtc folder here at curezone. all backed up on a completely different device. soon twice.

080922 world trade glacial hlg 7p hmedium1



from an underground nuke test in india.  see size of man.




structures found under the WTC

article 0 02C2ECC500000578 922 468x703

article 1060043 02C3FC4B00000578 535 468x314


the molten rock has cooled


t4 rock 6 credit 500px


looking a whole lot like that india nuke test


t4 rock 7 credit 500px


a close up


t4 rock 8 credit 500px


looking up


t4 rock formation 500


destroying the evidence


t4 rock formation 5001


another closeup


t4 rock formation 500p


t4 rock formation 500px


when the plasma of the sun meets granite


t4 rock formation 500px1


the nukes turned everything above into dust




people dont even know what a nuclear explosion looks like.  look at pictures from th bali bombing.  or the recent blast in lebanon.  nukes are used all the time.  you dont think they would tell you, do you?  here is an underground blast by the US government called project plowshare - you know, turning your swords into plowshares.  they were trying their hand at nuclear excavation.  its quite doable and safe.




as we can see here in this demonstration of nuclear demolition 






wtc eb pools







13 excavation


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