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Re: herbs and other stuff against heavy metals by legna ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   4/17/2021 1:02:38 PM ( 58 days ago ago)
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Nope, if you work ONLY on getting rid of heavy metals, by whatever means, using minerals and or herbs(and removing them from your body like dental stuff, titanium hips, hernia mashes, all based on metals, yes, plastic is heavy metal based), the body will stop using so many worms/bacteria/mold/fungus/yeast/soaps-solvents(i.e.' viruses)...

Worms/bacteria/mold/fungus/yeast/soaps-solvents(i.e.' viruses) ARE A SYMPTOM OF HEAVY METAL AND WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY POISONING. It is that simple. Really.

The germ theory hoax fairy tale religion is the BASIS/FOUNDATION of the pharmaceutical industry, which is: KILL THE 'BUGS' and chop out tumors(which are nothing more than heavy metals wrapped up in a organic ball), burn etc.

If the sheeple knew that the germ theory religion is a complete inversion of reality, that there are no 'viruses'' floating around hunting them LMFAO, this entire convid1984 hoax would not be possible to execute.

What REALLY floats in the air are: DDT, pesticides, fungicides, moldicides, herbicides, burned up plastics and vegetation(yes, when you burn up vegetation, their heavy metal content is released, gets unbound, becoming a strong oxidiser, into the air).. all of the listed stuff above based on HEAVY METALS....

Lets not forget the wireless technology is also floating in the air, creating, just like heavy metals, oxidative stress in the body, forcing the body to increase it's solvent/soap (i.e. ''viral'') production, it's fungal/yeast/bacterial/worm production, to try to deal with the waste products caused by oxidative stress.

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