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Re: herbs and other stuff against heavy metals by MH 108 8 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   4/17/2021 11:39:12 AM ( 4 months ago ago)
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You jump to way too many conclusions that your not aware of that the truth actual is-----few to no one buys from the internet and when they do, they put their products on shelves, in drawers and in closets as their COLLECTION and once a year they throw allot away, so they have space to ad more products....There was actually a great movie made by 2 new college grads back in the 1960's showing the future of humans all living underground and how they needed to "buy" something and then after the ":act" of buying---they then incinerated the product. These 2 extremely famous movie actors / producers were demonstrating human behavior.

Worms/Bacteria are garbage eaters, because the average human is allot of garbage and eats pounds of garbage to feed their worms----these parasites poop have their own diseases, their own premature death and those humans loaded with worms and parasites are not humans at all, they are partial humans out of control. Worms have their own abilities to use chemicals to control their host---many books today exist on how they believe worms in humans make them do stupid things----some may go as far as to suggest the ancient beliefs of demons is referring to the worms inside people and reality they are demonic in nature because they are living creatures inside your body that make you act the way they need you to act to protect them.

If #### want to see who is selling garbage, look at any forum, #### can not get past their garbage products with out clicking past them----there is NOTHING for sale here------to sale something here is a waste of time, people are searching for free and anything that says take 1 and all your health troubles are over.

The humans that can read, they have been reading for 15 years that I say herbs are never more than 1/6th the solution.
The people that love their worms, prove they love their worms, because they hate this forum and need to stay off of it and go play with the zombies that want chemicals, dope and booze and a cup of coffee every hour as they play on their phone.

Those that enjoy life-----they start killing the hundreds of thousands of living creatures inside and on their body that destroy their health and as the worms start to die, dissolve and be expelled---they are living better for the first time in their lifetime as more FREE of slavery---slaves of their worms.

HERBS are all human foods---------you buy them in grocery stores world wide...........the herbs that bother the slaves are those that aid the blood stream in the killing of their worms-------their worms forbid them. Most any herb can aid in the destruction of worms, such as oranges, lemons, apples, grapes-----IN FACT, every herb God created for humans to live freely on---all lead to less worms. The worms make humans believe in garbage eating, because that feeds them and they control those people.


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