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MY STORY WITH DYSBIOSIS/HPylori/CANDIDA. HELP by Salomousa ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/10/2021 2:56:02 PM ( 22 months ago ago)
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Hello everyone! First and foremost thank you for all the content you guys put in this forum, I致e been reading some posts and the information in them are unvaluable, you make me feel I can beat this horrible thing called candida.

I値l try to be as short as possible trying to explain where I was, where I知 at and where I want to be.

I think I developed candida from 4 years ago, after an Antibiotic treatment for treating toxoplasmosis (3 different ones for 2 weeks straight) and to be honest, that was just what ended causing it but before that I was consuming lots of poultry (full with hormones and abxs) almost every day, and I did had some dirty bulks with VERY high carb/sugar intake for long periods of time, eating pizza, burgers, fried stuff, because I知 a bodybuilder and it was hard for me to gain weight the 田lean way, plus I was drinking lots of water while eating and not chewing my food properly..

I did that for 8 years, literally abused of my digestive system, and ended up with symptoms like:
- brain fog/bad memory
- anxiety/depression
- eczema
- bloating
- stinky gas
- constipation
- hemorrhoids
- shortness of breath
- lots food intolerances
- chronic gastritis
- fatigue
- low sex drive

Those are the symptoms I remember back when I was my sickest, so fast forward after covid I tried to figure all this out and fix my life. I had endoscopy, colonoscopy, blood work and nothing found, so I went to the US (I知 from Mexico) and did the GI MAP and Organic Acid Test.

GI MAP revealed HPylori without virulence factors, Dysbiosis (lots of opportunistic bacterias markers high, and some normal bacteria low), and Candida albicans high.

OAT revealed pretty much the same with High yeast/fungal metabolites + high byproducts of the Aspergillus species, high hippuric acid, high subberic acid which is related with fatty liver and some low or decreased metabolism of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrin.

So now I had answers. I was ready to treat this shit with my naturopath, he put me on a 4 r protocol. First he made me take Candibactin AR + BR, switching them every 4 days with Grapefruit seed extract and Uva Ursi (2 months)
vitamin c
PYLORISTAT (Nutridyn) (two months straight)
vitamin d3 with K2
L-Glutamine 5 gr w-each meal
coffee enemas daily for 2 weeks
+ Low carb, 0 sugar, 0 fruit diet

And I got 60% better, most of symptoms disappeared but I still had brain fog, constipation, some but less bloating, fatigue, little bit of depression, some but less gas and still low libido.
I was going at least one time a day to do #2 and my poop was looking GREAT.

So he told me this was normal, and told me I still had candida so we needed to go on elimination a little bit more, and told me to start introducing some carbs like white/brown rice or quinoa because I was loosing lots of weight and didn稚 have energy.

So I started to introduce white/brown rice to my diet.
Added HCL to the protocol, and I was up taking up to 7 pills without stomach discomfort so Obviously I had hypochloridia prob due to hpylori and Dysbiosis..

Continued with natural abxs, glutamine, vitamins c and D3x and added HCL and digestive enzymes, and some adrenal support like L-tyrosin and B complex.
Digestive enzymes where great, but idk what it was either adding carbs to the diet or HCL, my stools where starting to look fluffier by the day, but I still continued taking HCL because I did felt i had low
Stomach acid because HCL made my brain fog dissapeared, buuut stools were getting looser and looser..

I continued eating carbs (my poop never looked good again but still I was going daily) and then the ND told me I had more candida so he gave me something called Candicidx which has a blend of Goldenseal, Barberry, Pau D' Arco, Chamomile, Thyme, Lavender and Ginger.
This supplement gave me some vertigo symptoms but I still took it, it was strong. I incorporated probiotics which at the moment I haven稚 felt their benefit..

So this is where I知 at now, I do feel like a 70% better sometimes up to 80% but as soon as I eat carbs, I start getting constipated and bloated.. doctor told me I didn稚 have candida anymore but I think that痴 bullshit, there was something in the protocol especially when I reintroduced carbs and HCL which start making my poop go soft..

I致e read I should focus in Dysbiosis, Liver Cleansing and then moving to candida but I don稚 know what to do, I live in mexico so doctors here don稚 know shit about this.. I don稚 know what to do, I feel like pylori is eradicated or at least controled, but I still have some gas, bloating and constipwtion while I try to incorporate some foods.

Any ideas? What should I do, I知 desperate so I知 willing to go back to keto dieting and elimination.

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