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Making nut butter by MH 108 8 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   1/16/2021 6:41:18 PM ( 5 months ago ago)
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The best song that shows my world

Every couple of years I make nut butter

It takes a "STRONG" stainless steel meat grinder to even attempt to grind nuts.....such as those designed to process deer, elk, big foots, etc.

basically choose the nuts you like and make sure they are "RAW"...........nuts that are nit raw, are not worth the effort; because if your spending $$$, buy raw.

This year I did about 30 pounds of nuts, this made about 40 jars of butter 16oz size, wide mouth

This year the kids helped and we chose to use maple syrup, honey and sorghum and a large dose of Q10 powder to the mix and always use ocean minerals, oregano oil and this time 16 ozs of L/G Cleanse #2 and basically any herb or oil can be used.

when using sugar rich products like honey, you really need a super powerful grinder, because it become a giant GOO of a mess........and force you to go to the larger size grinder oils and largest tube filler the machine has and even then------it is a battle.

IF you allow the machine to spin with out pushing out nuts---it will instantly create heat and that heat will turn that sugar into HARD material instantly and BOOM----your clogged up. That forces you to dig out the holes, soak it all in hot water and dissolve the sugar......SO RULE ONE---keep it moving and do not shut off until the job is done if possible---so a helper is nice.

JUST --- nuts and oils are much easier to handle----but if you use too much oil, the machine can also slip and clog fast.

OMG, does the sorghum, maple syrup and honey take it to the NEXT will be eating it as you make it, it is that good....

Then the last batch, I added cane sugar and plenty of organic chocholet powder............

I can tell you this, today starts the last day I will ever buy a candy bar----the raw nut butter made with cane and organic chocholet took it to a whole new level yet.

When I cleaned up and took samples around----everyone liked the nut butter fine, but when they tried the chockolet formula, they asked HOW MANY JARS of that you got and can you ad chocholet to the earlier non chocholet jars.

This is the largest batch I have ever made----so it could be 2-3 years before I make it again---it stores just fine in the fridge and I assume a person could put in the freezer and it would last for a very long time..

naturally ginseng and any and all herbs can be added to the chocholet formula, because the chocholet covers the flavor.

You do not smell or taste the Oregano Oil and neasily the 30+ essential parasite oil formula could be added......the Q10 takes it over the top as a heart food and for that matter, dehydrated pineapple powder is easily added......

HERBS are FOODS and it is endless what you can do......

I KNOW, I could make a cool fruit butter made from dehydrated fruits/berries with herbs and in theory-----with home made herbal tea, herbal nut butter and herbal fruit in jars------WOW, you surely could get away from those boxed grocery foods........

the raw nuts cost $300
that sounds like allot, but 40 jars of nut butter is ALLOT of food.


You do a good proper orange juice fast and "IF" your first foods are nut butters and it is winter months----you will understand the squirrel in you...

WHILE YOU ARE MAKING YOUR FREEDOM FOODS---play that old country boy know, that one where there ain't much us/them old country boys can't do......

skin buck
set trout line

All a country boy needs is a 4x4, gun and his dog..and the city folk just calls them hillbillies


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