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I've had enough of this chronic fatigue and pain. Having issues with my liver, is this because of biofilm related infection? by ZaWarudo ..... Infections Forum

Date:   10/16/2020 5:38:29 PM ( 12 months ago ago)
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Hello, for about 10 years Iíve been struggling with chronic fatigue and systemic pain along with various food sensitivities (can not eat any sugars/carbs/or starches). Iíve had numerous tests all come back inconclusive about any sort of parasite/fungal/bacterial infections and not so convincing results from metal tests. I am losing my mind because no one seems to be able to give me an answer anywhere I look. Iíve had a comprehensive stool test come back positive for an increased amount of pseudomonas aeruginosa. Iíve also had numerous blood tests come back with low neutrophils signifying some sort of infection.

Any time I took natural antimicrobials it would work for a good several weeks and I would start to feel better, then all of a sudden just stop working and my body would start to degenerate again. It's so frustrating because I'm consumed by brain fog/chronic fatigue and constant pain in my limbs/joints/eyes and my abdomen is always sore. Iíve had a sibo test done and it came back just slightly above normal (according to the test it resulted in still being considered ďpositiveĒ) for methane-based gas. Now Iíve read that this could be contributed to poor liver function and various other things going on causing methane build up that would also be associated with ibs (which I also have. Lots of difficulty with having regular smooth BM). The doctor I was seeing at the time didnít seem to concerned over it and concluded that it would be fine for me to even take probiotics.

It was suggested to me by someone on this very forum that it could potentially be biofilm related (which wouldnít surprise me because Iíve had a rather extensive history of Antibiotic use). About a couple months ago I started taking NAC (1500mg per day) or rotated with a blend of enzymes from a product called biofilmX by vita-aid. Designed to specifically dissolve biofilms. It seemed that the first few weeks were pretty astonishing. I had felt a lot of positive feedback and started taking natural antimicrobials again and started noticing that I was gradually feeling better, albeit very slowly and a lot more sluggish feeling overall (Iím assuming this biofilm is releasing toxins into my system or something). My BMs were doing better and I wasnít feeling exhausted to the point of passing out every day. Fast forwards a couple of months and Iím starting to notice my bms are once again difficult to pass, and Iím particularly getting a lot of floating/greasy stools almost every day along with infrequent pains in my liver that come and go. Iím starting to get a lot of brain fog again and my energy is once again depleting. Iíve been taking 6 liver support pills that contain milk thistle, schisandra, artichoke, dandelion and beat a day before meals a long with the occasional Swedish bitters. Itís the same damn cycle all over again. I start to get better then all of a sudden a switch clicks off and I start spiralingÖ

Does anybody have any insight as to what is going on? Iíve never really delved into biofilm related stuff before and no medical professional Iíve talked to seems to have any idea about how to address biofilms. Iíve read that you shouldnít self diagnose with biofilm because it can become extremely complicated. But I have nowhere else to turn and this seems like it might be the missing key to what Iíve been trying to accomplish for so long. Is there any test I can even do to figure out what biofilms if any that I have?


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